You may have seen some wise old folks still exuding an enormous youthfulness whereas a self-indulgent teenager looking like an aged man.  Do you know that youth is actually related to your Being and not your body?

In our society, we are conditioned to think youth is related to certain age or a life stage. Nope, being youthful is the very quality of life, it has a lot to do with our inner space. Ageing is related to our inner space, the idea which we carry about ourselves in our inner space  directly reflects in our body as a physical ageing.

What causes ageing according to Vedic wisdom? In the Vedic Tradition, there are a few key concepts you need to know.

First of all, one needs to understand the difference between the psychological time vs. chronological time which we relate in the outer world.  Psychological time is about how our mind feels time which is responsible for ageing.  In our inner space, one unit of time is the gap between 2 thoughts which is known as a kshana. Therefore, each person’s kshana is different depending on his or her quality of inner space.

The next concept is about the difference between thoughts and engrams. Our body is made of two components: random thoughts in the present moment and engrams from the past. When we repeatedly move our body with certain thoughts and intentions, those thoughts and intentions become reality. The thoughts we hold in our inner space will gradually become inscribed into our muscle memory.  So, our muscle memory in our body itself, is made up of our thoughts – not only our current thoughts, but also our memories or experiences from our past which had been recorded in our muscles.  These recorded memories are called engrams or engraved memories, and carry an energy of their own. In a given situation, they can suddenly surface and cause us to react in a particular way, even without our awareness!

Ageing is the battle between these two components – thoughts and engrams. When there are no thoughts, this conflict does not exist in the body and so there is no ageing. The engrams simply get expressed and will leave our system making us feeling lighter. Similarly, if there are only thoughts happening in us and no struggle with conflicting engraved memories, then again there is no ageing. The thoughts simply arise and leave our system effortlessly, leaving a clear space for the next moment of expression. The moment the engrams (thoughts with attached emotions such as fear or greed) hit the thoughts or vice versa, the ageing starts to hit the physical body. When one picks up more and more thoughts due to a restless mental set up of constant “What next?”, the internal conflict starts. Ageing starts happening when there is a fight between the engrams & thoughts in the muscles memory which is responsible for the ageing process.

By its very nature, our inner space is a mixture pure consciousness, thoughts and engrams which will start experiencing chaos only when the thoughts & engrams hit each other. When thoughts become engrams, it will create a deep tiredness, dullness and heaviness in us.

According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation, he defined youth as a person who is ready to take the past out of its future, meaning, not allowing the influence of the past into the future.

The fear created by the painful incidents of the past or the greed created by the pleasurable incidents of the past should not be carried to the future, the base for the future. This means having the freedom to live our future! If we constantly project the traces or effects of the past into the future, even if we are a 20-year-old, we are not a youth – we are old. Whatever that is projected, even it has yet to happen, it is considered the past.

The future should always completely open, alive and vibrant, exciting like a fresh flower as long as we do not bring the expectation of the past. But many disillusioned human beings feel secured only by projecting the insecurities of the past due to fear or greed into the future. Out of that suffered or battered consciousness of their past they carry, they project into their future and naturally it’s a perverted future. They will only reproduce the same contaminated past into the future.

Not having any perversion about the future, not letting our fear and greed on our future, we will have a fresh clean future. The powerful technique, given by Paramahamasa Nithyananda, is called  unclutching. Just learn how to unclutch continuously from our thoughts and engrams. When you unclutch, it means you are pushing more time to your chronological past without conflict between thoughts and engrams that is your bank balance as future. Ageing will not happen in you. This is the most secured future!

Our consciousness is fresh, ready to live anything, alive and excited. This is one great truth about life I learned from my master which keeps me eternally young! The key truth you need to catch here is – Don’t allow your past, the greed, the fear and inhibitions of the past into the future. From today, just unclutch and decide that you will be youthful, live as a youth. You’ll celebrate your whole life as youth and be eternally youthful.  Namaste. 🙂 

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