The first thing that man asks for is always physical and mental health. With any religion or master, the first utility that man looks for is “good health”. Only when good health is given, does he look further into fulfilling his deeper longings. Since time immemorial, all religions and all masters have demonstrated healing powers. Even in tribal villages, the religion followed will have healing as its core. In fact, no master is accepted as a master if he cannot restore health in people in some form or the other. Healing has beome a measure of a master’s identity.

What exactly is healing?

According to Apollonis of Tyana, a Greek philosopher, he said “Pythagoras said that the most divine art was that of healing. And if the healing art is most divine, it must occupy itself with the soul as well as the body, for no creature can be sound so long as the higher part in it is sickly.”

Buddha, an enlightened master gives a beautiful explanation “Healing is our way of expressing our compassion and care towards someone to help restore his/her health.” Healing happens if we can help somebody to restore the physical well-being and vibrancy, the mental well-being, emotional well-being.

 In Vedic culture, Rishis declared that the very nature of man is bliss; it is our nature to experience bliss, even though most often we don’t realize it. Good health is not just absence of disease; it is a positive “well-being-ness” i.e. we were created to feel this bliss continuously inside us and to float with blissful lightness of being. Bliss is continuously happening in us, yet we do not experience it at all.


This is because we are constantly stopping the flow of energy that results in bliss through our negative emotions. The negative emotions come from childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, restrictive or self-destructive habits, physical and emotional injuries which contribute to the energy blocks in the 7 chakras (energy centers). When these chakras in our body are disturbed because of the suppression in the mind, then we become diseased. Most diseases are psychosomatic i.e. they originate from the mind and then get expressed in the body. Hence, the root of disease is the mind, not the body. It is the mind that prevents our body from being used as an instrument to experience the bliss in ourselves.

According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, he defined healing as “a means by allowing divine cosmic energy to work on us”. Cosmic energy is nothing but pure love. Cosmic energy is linked to individual energy through the chakras. The energy we have flowing through us is connected to an inexhaustible Cosmic energy.  To experience this Cosmic energy, we just have to allow our body’s natural intelligence to function; we don’t have to control it. The moment we fall in tune with this natural intelligence, we will make choices that support our health rather than destroy it. We then develop a deep, loving and beautiful relationship with our body.

As an ordained  Nithya spiritual healer, there are 3 things I learned about healing.

First of all, a person who realised that he/she is energy, the one who has experienced himself/herself as something beyond the body and mind, is the only one who is qualified to give energy. It is only when we experience that we are something beyond the body and mind, only then can we radiate and share this inexhaustible energy.

Second, healing is overflowing love which oozes out which first fills us, then oozes out towards the whole world to fill the world. Whenever I offer healing, I just feel this immense love energy flowing towards another being. However, this love energy is reduced when we are influenced by the conditioning from the society which, in turn, reduces the frequency of life in us. One important factor which helps to keep the overflowing of healing energy is we must go beyond the societal conditioning.

Thirdly, to heal ourselves, all we need is “JUST BE”, we will be able to heal ourselves and the world. For instance, just be in your body. As of now, you are aware of having a body, just be inside what you think as your body. Be inside the body, you will heal the intense pain and battered consciousness you are carrying. Being in the body puts you back into your presence, the power of the present moment always heals the body.  Without the interference of the mind, being in your presence heals.  In the present moment, our very Being will heal us and the world. Being is the best technique-less technique, the ultimate process beyond all the processes, the meditation beyond all meditations. Just be, we will experience an intense compassion will start oozing out of our system, it is the cure for all the diseases in the world.

Let us heal ourselves and heal the world with this truth!