In another 25 days from now, on 12 Dec 2012, it marks the opening of a shift of consciousness where the entire planet earth is going to experience a significant shift of energy. There is going to be violation of the law of physics because the center of the planet earth is losing its gravitational pull over human beings. As a result, the strength of gravity is reducing on all of us. When this happens, we have lesser thoughts and our body can act with less thinking. This will have a huge effect on human beings.

The psychological shift of less thoughts means we are losing engrams (thought-patterns we carry), this will have a direct benefit to our consciousness. When a huge pattern of thoughts is removed from us, it means that almost many janmas (life cycles) of past karmas are taken away from our system. Our nervous system will have a lighter load, a new wave of peacefulness, bliss and explosion of consciousness can be experienced and some could even levitate!

However, for people who are habituated with more and more thinking, this lesser-thought state will bring about a feeling of depression as they are not sure what to do. They could feel that they are becoming inefficient and forgetful. In a panic, they may turn to all kinds of medications to alleviate what they think as dysfunction. None of these will work because this shift is “evolution”, not dysfunction. Some may end up destroying their body and mind.

We all need to understand that this new energy shift is a supremely rare occurrence. The event of Nature reducing its gravitational force and decreasing the number of thoughts in our inner space is an enormous evolutionary milestone. Something which happens in many millennia, so all of us are on the planet at the right time with the right understanding to move to a higher state of consciousness. It is a unique, exciting and precious period to be in, let us not miss it.

The choice is in our hands. Here are a few steps which you could prepare yourself for this exciting shift:-
  • Courage for Transformation.  To transform into new consciousness, we only need tremendous courage – the courage to accept our past and the readiness to go beyond it, without having shyness or without holding on to any judgment.
  • Intense Seeking Activates DNA Strands.  The core human DNA imprint is built in a 12-strand helix. There are 11 dimensions of awareness; the 12th dimension is the ultimate state of fully awakened consciousness (God consciousness). By activating more strands of DNA, one accelerates the spiritual awakening of collective consciousness on the planet. For normal human beings, usually 2 strands of DNA are active. The process of awakening the dormant DNA is like providing high-speed internet connection with a super computer. This is how you can do a DNA self-activation process. Remember who you really are. This awareness of “What is me?” the ‘me’ and follow a self questioning process. Look within and see “Who am I?” The personality which can be changed is not you. Then dig deeper “Who am I?” When you feel you are hitting a wall or a sense of suffocation, increase the seeking with intensity and passion and look again. Look within, over and over till you awaken the next strand of DNA. Repeat this process for each strand of DNA.
  • Practice Unclutching Technique. The unclutching technique is a gift to humanity by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation for 2012! Unclutching is a beautiful self-purifying technique which enhances our inner balance and leads us ultimately to a state of eternal bliss. Remember all our thoughts are independent, unconnected, unclutched by their very nature. But because they emerge in a rapid stream, they appear to be connected. There is always a gap between thoughts, although it is difficult to see without practice. There is a time of silence between thoughts, just be comfortable in the gaps between thoughts. This technique can be done in 20-30 minutes daily which will automatically help us to reduce the number of thoughts. Sit in a quiet meditative mood, with an understanding that all thoughts are irrational and unconnected. If thoughts arise, do not try to suppress them or react to them. Simply observe them and relax from them. Allow your witnessing consciousness to spontaneously blossom in you. The more you strengthen this inner witness, the more you will be able to see beyond the 2 false identities you carry. At first, thoughts may seem to arise more strongly, do not give up but have patience with yourself. Initially the spaciousness we create may feel like emptiness because we are not used to this space. Just allow yourself to adjust to this comparative silence which requires practice. Remember that our very nature is unclutched, the state of pure being and bliss. Hold this understanding that we are already enlightened, all we need to do is to establish in this unclutched state permanently.
  • Spend time being in Body & Breath Awareness. Our breathing holds the key to our inner experience. Breathing is the bridge between the body-mind and also the bridge between Existence and us. Step into your yoga mat daily and spend at least 1 hr daily with yourself. Start enjoying the aloneness and the silence within.
  • Join a Spiritual Retreat. If you have the time and money in December 2012, why not join a spiritual retreat? Going to a retreat is like taking a break from your regular life and it puts you with a like-minded spiritual community and in the space of high consciousness. I shall be attending a 21-day retreat called Inner Awakening ( with a living incarnation on a cruise. A truly rare opportunity which can open up many possibilities for me during this period. I will share more about my experience in 2013!

So, I welcome all of you to be part of a joyful journey of pushing human awareness up to the next level, creating the transition from human to divine consciousness. When we do it, we clear the way for a great explosion of positive energy to liberate ourselves and celebrate the age of enlightened civilisation! Namaste. 🙂