Do you know that all our so-called pain, fear, pleasure, guilt, whatever we call as life is looked with a short view of a few hours of awareness?

Many people struggle with the pain and suffering just because they do not have a complete understanding of life itself. As of now, we have a short narrow view of life when we do our life strategy planning. If we have a complete understanding of life, we will be out of all attachments, pain and suffering. If we have a broad, complete understanding about life, it takes away practically all our sufferings and the sufferings around us.

Life is larger and broader than we think. There are 5 dimensions in life i.e. states of awareness, 5 sense organs, 5 elements, nature attributes and time factor.

Take the first dimension – states of awareness. Most people think life is only the waking state, they forget the remaining two states of awareness i.e. the Dream State and the Deep Sleep State; they are also part of our life. No wonder, more and more people are experiencing intense stress because they think life is only about the Waking State. The altered states of awareness are responsible for all the sufferings we have in life and all the misunderstandings we have in life. Societies which think only that the Waking State is life, suffer from the sleep related disorders like insomnia. Insomnia is a disorder which leads to low concentration, low productivity, low creativity, poor states of consciousness, other mental disorders like chronic anxiety or depression and finally other fatal diseases.

Having an expanded view about life means having clarity that all the 3 states of awareness constitute our life! Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an enlightened master said that when we expand our understanding to include the different states of awareness, our fear, greed, joy, everything changes. Naturally many of the perceived problems will also disappear!

The second dimension is about understanding our senses.  Take an example of taste. A person, who has narrow understanding about life, thinks that a certain object (e.g. chocolate bar) comes in contact with his taste, he experiences excitement. However, a person who has broad understanding about life, knows his awareness which is alive inside him is being sucked to the sense of taste particularly intensely when the chocolate bar comes in contact with his tongue. It is because of his awareness rushing to that sense intensely that he experiences excitement, and not because of the chocolate. He knows the object is not the source of his pleasure, it is the awareness coming in contact with his senses! If the object (chocolate bar) is the source of the pleasure, why then he does not feel the same excitement after the 11th chocolate bar is eaten? That’s why people desire a constant change of objects because the truth is that the object is not responsible for the pleasure we experience!

All our greed for food is due to our narrow understanding about life – thinking it is the food which makes us experience excitement. Instead, it is our awareness which is responsible for the excitement experience. Just this expanded understanding about life, many of our needs, greed and fear will be liberated from our senses. All food related disorders will be eradicated from planet earth! The moment we are able to gain control over our senses, we are liberated from our body. It is only when we are liberated from our body, we become a leader of our senses. Then many possibilities and understandings will begin to dawn within us, we will be able to experience enormous freedom while enjoying life intensely and be able to exit gracefully without attachment.

Just by having a deeper understanding about life in first 2 dimensions – states of awareness and senses, we will realize how binding this ordinary world is.  It is time that human beings start expanding their understanding about life so that we start evolving our civilization towards enlightened consciousness.

Enlightenment is about having an expanded, complete understanding about the Cosmos in all dimensions continuously and the ability to maintain that understanding in our bio-memory and muscles memory. Namaste. 🙂