Many people around me have been shocked or disapproved of my new liquid diet since I returned from last December spiritual retreat, especially they saw me losing almost 10 kg since June 2012. Of course, the normal logical mind will not be able to fathom how one can live without consuming any solid food as a lifestyle, let alone thinking of new possibilities!

I was reminded of a story by my master, a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda about the evolution from monkey to Homo Sapiens. It was about an expansion that happened when a few monkeys tried to become man and started to attempt walking straight on two legs.

When the first group of monkeys tried this new possibility, all other monkeys would have said “No, it cannot be done!” Naturally all the other monkeys would have asked “Aye, what is the use of walking straight? What is wrong with being a monkey? Why are you unnecessarily struggling instead of enjoying?”

And naturally, the small group of brave monkeys who tried to walk straight would have had thigh pain or knee pain as the body started to go through transformation, they would have taken a lot of risk and hard work! The monkey society would have called them crazy! There would have been a huge bunch of monkeys criticizing these few monkeys. But there would also have been a few intelligent monkeys saying “What he says may be practical, why not try?” Just like those monkeys cannot understand what it means to become a human being, in the same way modern men cannot understand the possibilities of living without solid food. Now a small group of brave human beings, who had experienced the space of new possibilities, have taken the first step in becoming a new man, a new species! This group is called Nithyananda Niraharis, a community of people living this solid food-free lifestyle. (Check out who they are and be inspired by their testimonials @

In order to fully understand the yogic science of Nirahara (no-food) Samyama, let me provide some basic truths.

First of all, from the sacred scripture – Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Chapter 3 Sutra 110 Verse 3, Samyama is defined as the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and power, which are in our super consciousness, are expressed through our body to the world. You may be aware that our super consciousness is all knowing, all pervading but preparing our body-mind to radiate these great powers and expressing the powers, that yogic technology is Samyama. Samyama can be considered the ‘applied science” of pure yoga science. The applied science is a part of Hindu Vedic tradition, used to inspire people towards pure science. Pantajali, a Siddha sage explains that through the attainment of Samyama comes the light of knowledge.

Secondly, if you understand the Yogic psychology of evolution, all beings evolve from different bodies till they reach the ultimate space of liberation as divine beings. When we were in the body of plants and trees, we had the natural intelligence to create food by ourselves.  However, after taking many animal bodies and human bodies, we stopped this natural intelligence from functioning. We started to dump so much food in the system that caused our body’s bio memory to forget this original intelligence of creating food from prana (ether). With the divine grace, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gifted the world the Nirahara Samyama, a yogic technology which awakens our natural intelligence to create food from space and opens up a space of many new possibilities that will rock the false order of the world.

Here are the new possibilities I am really excited to see:
  • Eradicate obesity – If we look at the trend around the world in both developed or developing countries, the humanity is suffering with 2 problems related to food – eating too much and eating unnecessarily. In fact, over-eating has become a modern disease. In the recent report by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Feb 2012, they found that more people living in the developed world are obese than ever before, they estimated about 500 million people worldwide are obese, or 1 out of every 10, is obese. United States, has by far, the highest obesity rate in the world – about 30.6% of its total population! The Nirahara Samyama makes one lose all the unncessary fats and achieves the healthy BMI range. From my personal experience, for almost 10 years since the birth of my son, I had not been successful in losing the extra pounds which were gained during the pregnancy despite trying different methods! My BMI was hovering between 23.9 to 24.3; a range which was skewed towards the high side of the normal range, tethering close to being over-weight. It was only till I was initiated into the Nirahara Samyama in June 2012 and The Samyama in Dec 2012 that I finally achieved the healthy lower end of the normal BMI of 19.8. This powerful science will get so many people in the world out of obesity and the disorders and diseases related to wrong eating patterns.
  • Growing Healthier & Younger. The amazing aspect of this transformation is it is permanent because the body goes through a mutation of muscle memory and bio memory. The brain starts to develop new pathways to accommodate the unfamiliar perspective, the subtle brain grooves will proliferate to support the expansion of intelligence. So many people who completed the Nirahara Samyama simply walked out of the health problems they had been suffering for ages ranging from arthritis, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, imbalance of hemoglobin level, etc as shown in their medical reports. In addition, the Niraharis simply grow younger with a new yogic body, radiant skin and shinny hair. This possibility is beyond our human mind comprehension!
  • Change the world’s false order. When more and more people take up this lifestyle of living without solid food, the implications on the food chain and its ripple effects on other industries will be enormous! Imagine the mass production of unhealthy and unnatural indulgences by unconscious food manufacturers will be forced to stop and re-think their whole business strategy. The animals slaughter in poultry industry and over fishing in oceans that feed the human desires for taste will drastically reduce the imbalance of our eco-system. Nature will again create a right balance of animal species and marine life on planet earth and their co-existence with human beings become possible. What we see in our current dis-eased society will also decrease as more people become healthy, joyful and productive. Health care industry can be relieved from the heavy burden of treating people and channel the national resources to other possibilities. The pharmaceutical industry starts to lose its power and grip on people’s lives. I am really looking forward to seeing these possibilities.
  • Non-violence towards self and the world. We heard this saying “A hungry man is an angry man.” Our constant need for food creates a bondage which results in certain irritation and violence within us and it gets expressed in the outer world. The moment our belly stops demanding food, we liberate ourselves from the constant irritation towards our belly due to the need for food/greed for taste. Nirahara Samyama is not only a powerful technology that can liberate us from this basic hatred towards our need to work for food, it is also a direct technique to elevate our consciousness. Paramahamsa Nithyananda says that “True non-violence (Ahimsa) happens when you first liberate yourself from anger towards you. When people become healthy, joyful and energetic, naturally their awareness will also be high with greater sensitivity towards others and mother earth. The world will see a tremendous reduction in violence, in that space a flowering of love and compassion happens.
  • Respect food as nourishment. In the Vedic tradition, food is God or the Lord of Creation. It is from food that living beings receive nourishment. It is with the help of food that living beings are nurtured and stay alive. Unfortunately humanity has lost the respect for food as a form of nourishment for our body, the temple of our soul. When we eat regularly, often we are distracted into some multi-tasking activities and the awareness will be missing. As a Nirahari, it is not that I completely stopped eating, I still do eat once a week to nourish and maintain this body. The main difference is eating once a week puts me in awareness of my 5 senses, in that awareness, sensitivity and respect for food blossom. A new possibility opens up – an ability to develop a respectful  relationship with food.
  • Explosion of Creativity. One obvious thing I noticed after becoming a Nirahari, there is no tiredness, instead I feel a constant bubbling of a vibrant energy and creativity. If this is the state that most people are feeling, imagine the high level of productivity and creativity which can happen alongside with an increase in energy and health. So much more creativity will be expressed in different fields of art, music and scientific discoveries in research and development etc.  This is when humanity takes a quantum jump into a higher collective consciousness where creativity is the life-breath.
  • From Humans to Superhumans. When the above possibilities start expressing on a grander scale, when our subtler brain grooves in the brain system start developing, these happenings will facilitate the experience of enlightened consciousness i.e. living in no-mind state with a healthy body and a highly creative mind with extraordinary visualization power. The old patterns of suffering and bondages that suffocate our innate divine nature will be removed and we evolve as Superhumans. The new species of Superhumans has the ability to both express power in creating whatever life they desire as well as being centered on the path of  Self realisation.

Life is all about the choices we make and being a Nirahari was a conscious choice I made because I believe the enormous possibilities in front of me and humanity – both imaginable and unimaginable by our human mind right now. Fundamentally, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are ready to create a new space of possibilities in their life and ride on the waves of happenings.  Namaste 🙂


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