How can taking responsibility be a cure for all diseases?

For a logical mind, this is too much of a claim!

As a spiritual healer, I was feeling too ecstatic for the whole humanity the moment this revelation was gifted last month by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation. This is a huge vote of confidence given to me and also the spiritual healing community where we believe expansion in life is the permanent solution.

The unfortunate thing is human beings are not interested in permanent solution because it requires a new shift in cognition and transformation. Most people are merely looking for quick-fix or consolation-type of solutions which do not solve the root of their problems.

What’s the exact science behind this Cosmic Law?

Let us understand responsibility at a deeper level from the spiritual dimension beyond the social conditioning. The social conditioning we are taught by society is to wait for someone to take responsibility and we just take care of our job and family. This thinking has to change in order for humanity to embrace a new order in the world.

RESPONSIBILITY is defined as living and responding to life from the understanding that you are the source, therefore you are responsible for all things and all happenings in and around you.

How can one be the source of everything? What about things which we are not the reasons such as an accident?

We need to be aware that in our life, we are the SOURCE – our thoughts attract the types of people and incidents around us. We are the executor, the judiciary, the legislative body, the media, the actor and the judge. We can make or break anything in our life because we have the free-will to chart the course of our life. If we align ourselves with the Cosmic Law of “Life is expansion”, we will naturally fall in tune with the cosmic energy of continuous expansion. When we take responsibility for all the happenings inside and outside us, a new energy, new possibility opens up in us. This energy not only brings health and fulfillment to our body-mind and spirit, it also makes us realize the divinity within us.

According to Swami Nithyananda, anything that we feel responsible, our life in that particular zone expands. If we feel responsible for our family, our relationship with family naturally expands. If we feel responsible for our company, the productivity of our company increases. If we feel responsible for our city, the standard of living in that city improves. If we feel responsible for the world, the world becomes a better place. If we feel responsible for the universe, we become enlightened!

I couldn’t agree more with this insight because I saw this happening in my own life.  When I decided to take up the responsibility of enriching the world with the science of yoga and self healing in 2011, since then I’ve been experiencing a continuous miraculous expansion in terms of sacred knowledge of healing, attracting the right people who need this gift and the divine guidance in giving the right solution for clients. All happened because of one simple decision I made in taking up the responsibility to promote self healing.  Truly responsibility is the energy which makes my life expands and blooms.

Do you know that by feeling responsible leads us to expansion or life whereas by denying our responsibility actually leads us to contraction or death? I’ve seen so many people who never take responsibility for their very physical body which is the closest object to their inner space, invariably they invite all kinds of ailments and diseases into their body and suffering. For those who neglect their mind, they suffer from all kinds of mental disorders. For those who do not take responsibility of their spiritual growth, they suffer from depression.

We have to realise that the moment we shun responsibility, many people in society such as the politicians, media, many of the other power-hungry people who are interested in controlling us, start taking over the responsibility of our body, mind and lifestyle.  They may not necessarily have our best interest in their heart and we are forced to accept what they offer. Then people start complaining about their health, the educational system, salary increment, job prospects, communities and country policies when they don’t like what they see and they feel trapped in their life.

From the spiritual dimension, a person who feels he is not responsible even for his own actions, lives in animal level. A person who feels he is responsible for his actions, lives in human level. A person who feels he is responsible even for others’ actions, lives in the level of leader.

In life, even though we may not be directly the reason or the cause for the happening, the outcome affects our life and causes us misery or suffering. If we take up the responsibility even for others’ lack of responsibility, a new energy lands in us and we will be able to solve the problem. If we stretch ourselves by feeling responsible to what others think of us and what they want from us, we become a leader and simply life starts exploding through us.

So much healing happens in different aspects when we take responsibility such as:-
  • A disease-free body-mind. The first truth is we own this very body-mind, we have to take the responsibility to maintain and strengthen it. Only being responsible in creating a health consciousness, we will be able to enjoy this body-mind longer and achieve our life purpose or dreams without suffering from diseases. In fact, the secret to longevity is simply to take up more and more responsibilities. Responsibility can heal us from ordinary migraine to even the fourth-stage cancer! Even our mental problems of tiredness, boredom, escapism and retirement, lack of inspirations at work or in life will all disappear. Responsibility is the cure for every disease or any disorder.
  • Feeling alive. Health is not just being disease-free, health means life is dancing inside our body!  When we take responsibility for our body, mind & spirit, we are able to influence the way our heart beats, our lungs breathe, our organs in the autonomic nervous system function, even our thinking, feeling and experience become totally different. When we take responsibility for whatever we see and experience, the divine consciousness that we can’t see and experience takes responsibility for us. When we expand to take responsibility, we attract the infinite support from the Cosmic energy. In that space, we experience a deep fulfilment and simply healing happens at the same time, leading us to merge with the cosmic consciousness.
  • Unleashing of extraordinary powers. You may be aware that the non-mechanical parts of your brain are responsible for the extraordinary powers like telepathy, teleporting, materialisation, Vaak Siddhi (the power of speech). All these powers are not a myth, I have seen it with my own eyes in the life of my guru. By taking responsibility, this energy awakens our non-mechanical parts of the brain which leads us to new powers such as feeling powerful (Ishitwa) and leadership consciousness (Ishwaratwa). When we live life with integrity, authenticity and responsibility, these powers are directly available at our disposal. We will be able to perceive the truth of the world differently and even change the facts of the world!
  • Exuding Divine Grace. If you see people like Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa and many saints who took up the responsibility for humanity, certain grace expressed through their beings. They enriched people around them and themselves. They are aligned to life happening and they become an expression of Divinity.

Now the truth has spoken – Responsibility is not only a spiritual quality but also a panacea for all diseases. Namaste. 🙂