You may realize by now that life is a great mystery.

Some people are still struggling to figure it out, some are totally lost in their lives while some are already being swallowed by the pain and suffering in life. Then there are some wise ones who are living in great ecstasy, in expansion of creativity and fulfilment.

Fundamentally, each soul has to figure out the mystery of life by travelling on a path of conscious expansion. There are 2 ways to learn from life – the first method is to go through every experience in everything but this takes too long as we must remember our time on planet earth is limited. The second method is to learn from the right source of knowledge, from the realized ones or the enlightened beings. I had the fortune of learning from the enlightened source through my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

 Through his grace, here are the 7 gems I collected about life:-
  •  Life is not about material possessions. The quality of our life does not depend on the quantity of wealth or possessions we have. You can look around all the rich and wealthy people or so-called successful people, I have not seen one who is really enjoying the highest quality of life. Life is not about having “more and more”; life is about enjoying what we already have and dropping what we don’t have in terms of our fantasies. Just enjoy everything without possessing anything and be ready to let it go when it is taken away from us.
  • Life is not about achievement or goals.  The society conditioning makes us believe that there is a purpose in life and we start running after it. Many people who have failed to achieve what they want in life and as a result, they suffer from discontentment, frustration and a feeling of failure. We’ve seen even people who have been successful in getting whatever they wanted in life, both in the material and emotional planes, they still feel dissatisfied. There is no purpose in life only completion. The reason for us to take a human body is to complete with life.  Every birth a soul takes, it grows in maturity in the understanding about completion with life.
  • Life is impermanence. Without realising the impermanence of life, we cling onto the physical body, material objects or relationships for security by possessing them. We invest all our trust and faith on something that is perishable. The more we try to possess, the more we run life out of the energy of fear and greed! The human body is a wonderful creation of Existence; it is our vehicle to enjoy the world. When we try to possess the body, we only bring tremendous suffering to ourselves. It is our ignorance of death that blinds us to this one truth – that is the only constant thing in life is change and death is the greatest change of all. Change is growth; life is nothing but a continuous expansion.
  • Life is Guru. When life is intensely teaching us, it is called Guru in Sanskrit which means one who dispels darkness. Don’t look at life with a “WHY?” because the “WHY?” towards life always bring suffering. The “WHY?” and “IF” only bring suffering as they don’t give answers, it gives only more and more suffering. Whatever happens in life, it happens in a time shaft. Time shaft should not be looked back as post-mortem. Only look at life with either complete acceptance or with deep gratitude. Guru, the realised one, who is also the embodiment of Cosmo, is one who can take us beyond the logic or illusion of life.
  • Life is a Sweet Romance.  The romance with life happens only when one’s heart is open to receive the love and compassion of Existence. This space is called Bhakti (devotion) which blossoms only when we are able to find the connection back to the Source beyond the logical mind. When we’ve found that feeling connection, hold on to it with devotion as it can lead us to liberation. It does not matter who or what we are devoted to because Existence connects us in whatever form we can relate with. Blessed are those who are able to experience the sweet romance of life with devotion.     
  • Life is for liberation. There is a part of all of us (the imperishable part of us) deep within that we are not even aware of, which keeps telling us that there is another dimension to our life which is beyond material success. This part is the individual consciousness (Atman), the light which is nameless, formless and timeless i.e. the eternal spirit. The whole journey of life is to dissolve the small “i” and realise the big “I” (Self) through the science of completion. This is the only way that our real life begins through completion of our past, with others and with life! Living in the space of completion is the real LIFE we are all seeking i.e. the space of creation, liberation and eternal bliss!   
  • Life is for Consciousness. Through completion with everything, we begin to remember and experience our original state as pure consciousness – Advaita, the non-duality, the witnessing consciousness which is eternal. In this state of knowing, the secret of life is revealed to us – Life is nothing but a divine play. Life gives us the complete freedom to choose whether to continue to live in the illusionary delusion (Maya) or we can simply decide to wake up from this psycho-drama with the fire of consciousness.  For those who choose consciousness over illusion, they live as Jeevan Mukta (the liberated ones).
Namaste. 🙂