Life is about continuous expansion. If we are not moving towards expansion, it means we are contracting in life, moving towards death.

One of the basic important qualities for living an expanded life is to be a high achiever in life. Whatever may be your chosen field of work, whether as a professional manager, an artist, a doctor, lawyer, a road sweeper, etc, just decide to be a high achiever in that field. We need to understand that it is the attitude of being a high achiever that creates the juice of our life.

Here are three sacred secrets I discovered from my Guru’s life, Paramahamasa Nithyananda who is a living incarnation as well as my personal experience.

The first secret I learned from him is – “Think extraordinarily such that we can be in the space of no thinking.” Our very cognition has to evolve to align with Cosmic principles of life. No thinking or thoughtless space does not happen to people who are in dullness or laziness. Usually we think that by becoming dull and lazy, thinking will disappear.  No, thinking has to disappear only by extraordinary thinking such that all dimensions of our life get awakened i.e. we stretch to our peak capability.

I found that the two major obstacles that prevent extraordinary thinking are: simple laziness or fear of your “bigness” – your ultimate potential. The laziness in the body can be easily broken by regular practice of yoga asansas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. However, for people who suffer from the wrong cognition, this requires a fundamental cognitive shift about life. Their wrong cognition tries to justify their laziness pattern and make them remain as a worker all their lives, selling their lives to their boss for a monthly salary. The unfortunate thing is they forget that life is not a bargain; they are caught in the foolishness of trading their conscious freedom for a mediocre life.

It is the “worker” mentality that makes people only see the monetary reward and limit their work by the amount they are paid for. With this attitude, they stop thinking in extraordinary ways to deliver exceptional results; they snub and cap their intense energy of creativity and intelligence which is actually much more capable of expressing something phenomenal.  If you are interested to create wealth and abundance, this is an important mental block that you need to get out of this “worker” mental setup which continuously puts you in the “victim” cognition.

With my guru’s grace, I am so grateful that I got out of this “worker” (corporate slave) mentality the moment I decided to reclaim my freedom as a conscious being by jumping out of the rat race to start a new life.  This cognitive shift unblocked my creative energy flow and I am now able to share my gifts with the world.

Many of us are afraid of our ultimate potentiality – our “Bigness“. When I did completion with my inauthenticity, I realised this was one major incompletion I had suffered for any births. By completing with authenticity, I am now ready to stretch to my peak capacity and dive into the space of eternal expansion and possibilities.

The second secret is – whatever we deliver to the world is not what we receive in return from the world. Sometimes, in return what we get is very little or even negative impact, but just because of this seemingly unfair payoff, we should not curtail our expression and create anger or hatred towards others who are able to give.  Whenever we create hatred towards the payback mechanism in life, we limit ourselves and we stop living. The important lesson is – do not equate what you receive and what you give, your creativity, productivity and offering to the universe can in no way be equated to what you get back. Just decide not to have the mental setup of constantly calculating based on return or how people reciprocate, instead do it out of sheer creativity and passion.

I saw this happening in my Guru’s life, he gives so much to humanity and the world. He works at least 20 hours a day, continuously sharing knowledge and science of living enlightenment, free food and education to the poor and relief efforts to the unfortunates and healing the world. But the unconscious attack of religious persecution to him and his mission in the last 3 years had been one of the worst we’ve seen in the history of Hinduism. But he did not give up on people, the human race and even when he was imprisoned illegally by the political and media power, he continued to work and share with the world the moment he got out of the prison. This was a huge life lesson and inspiration for me – Never equate what we give with what we receive.

The last secret is – “The power of awakening the Kundalini shakti, the inner potential bio-energy which is available in our being in the form of potential.” I had the fortune of being initiated by my Guru, an incarnation in  Kundalini awakening in March 2011. Since then the alchemy of the body-mind is simply beyond words. The idea and feeling of tiredness had been erased from my muscles memory, since then this body is constantly radiating high enthusiasm and creative energy. All my extraordinary creations – like writing my first book, ability to use yoga techniques to help completions of past childhood trauma, ability to download insights from Cosmic Archive, happened only after the Kundalini awakening!

In the Vedic tradition, all the yogic techniques like kriyas, yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, rituals are done only to awaken this sacred energy. Fundamentally, our brains are hardwired to experience higher possibilities and higher consciousness. In fact, our body carries at least 70 times more energy and power than what we use in our daily life. Science has also proven that we use less than 13% of our brain, even genius like Einstein, he only used 13% of his brain capacity!

Awakening the Kundalini energy directly awakens the non-mechanical parts of our brain and gives us extraordinary powers and energy. It is the Kundalini energy which makes us more aware, highly energetic, very conscious, intuitive, productive and wealthy because it takes away the low idea we carry about ourselves. When we start seeing the huge possibilities in us, we simply forget about the tiredness, laziness and boredom! We start doing smart work and naturally we become alive, active in all aspects of our life. Kundalini energy brings the space of positivity and possibility in us. We start radiating leadership consciousness. In the moments when the body-mind is responding to the Kundalini energy, we just declare our intention and the body-mind will simply radiate the intention, and the universe will respond to it! Only when we awaken this energy with the right guru, the right method, right knowledge and process, it becomes a reality in us, a realization in us. When an enlightened being awakens your Kundalini energy, you will only experience all the positive things and not have any negative side-effects.

In essence, everyone can be a high achiever if we learn how to go beyond the obstacles which prevent us from the expansion in life. To make this state sustainable, it is important for us to continue to evolve ourselves towards the enlightened consciousness, so that we can be used a channel for Existence for the good of humanity and the Universe.  Namaste 🙂