I am Divine Mother and I have come to give you a message on this day – the Children’s Day.

Before I begin, I would like you to come into the space of listening. It is only when you listen like a child with innocence, you are able to get back to a pure space where there is no judging, reasoning and analysing inside you, only transmission happens. In this space, you are able to relate with ME as Divine Mother. Or else, you will be doubting this message from the smallness of your intellect.

My dear one, you have been away for too long, it is time you come back home.  All the moments of struggle and powerlessness in your life, and the longing you experienced are the reminders from ME that you need to get back to the space of Wholeness.

By your very nature, you are Ananda (bliss), you are love as you are born of love, you have infinite possibilities and creativity. You came from the Whole, you may feel separated from the Whole now, but you remain Whole. Nothing in the outer world can destroy your eternal Spirit. This remembrance will give you the strength to get back.

The only obstacle that is stopping you from this realisation is the ignorance about self, others, life and Existence. The inadequate cognitions which you carry from the societal conditioning and self-doubt are creating the illusions that cast a dark cloud in your awareness. Wake up to your original suffering – as consciousness, you are suppressed inside you, the suppressed you is trying to break free from all the suppressions and limitations of this body-mind and express your infinite potential. It is your existence which is suffering till you flower into enlightenment. Till you realise the original Self, you will continue to carry the anguish and suffering.

Don’t get stuck in the impermanence of bodily pleasures and laziness which derail you from your original purpose of assuming this birth. When you have forgotten your original state, you don’t take responsibility for yourself, others, the world and the future generations. The world you see now is the result of this darkness the whole human consciousness is suffering. Unless you decide to take the responsibility for everything within you and around you, life does not start for you and the evolution of collective consciousness cannot happen.

Oh my child! The moment you decide consciously to raise yourself, I will send you the knowledge and the right teachers you need in your path. Start expanding your understanding about Self, Humanity, Life and Existence through Vedic scriptures. Learn from those who have experienced the truth. Heal yourself and the relationships from the wounds and pains you carry through completion. The moment you heal yourself and complete with your past, you will start expressing the power of a creator in you.

If you are blessed to be parents for a being to land and travel in this beautiful world of consciousness, you play a very critical role in giving the child the foundation of possibilities. The beings who are born in this new age are here to create a generation of new men. They are the children of great possibilities, as a Child of God, you have to create the space for their conscious flowering to happen. From the wholeness, see the possibilities and freedom in their eyes. Be with them and give them the confidence to explore but don’t make them what you want them to be through your fear and greed.

The mother earth, you must not forget that you belong to the earth and that the earth is part of the collective unconsciousness which holds the wounds you did unto yourself. This too needs to be healed and complete.

Now my dear child, you are one with ME, you are one with all that is. You are one in the infinite wholeness. This is who you truly are. Have wisdom, courage and strength to live this life consciously. I am always with you.

  With Eternal Love, Divine Mother