Last Saturday, on 5th October was the 41st International Vegetarian Union World VegFest and the 6th Asian Vegetarian Conference at Kuala Lumpur celebrating the 105th year of the International Vegetarian Union. Vegetarianism is definitely catching on in the mainstream society as compared to 10 years ago because more and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of vegetarian diet.

For me, this year marked the 7th year since I turned vegetarian on 3rd January 2007. The greatest difference I experience after being a vegetarian is the huge shift in my awareness, bio-energy and muscles memory. The constant agitation and low moods totally disappeared with this diet. The next level of purification happened when I got initiated as a Nirahari (one who is beyond hunger and lives on life energy and sunlight) in December 2012, the whole body is now run by prana (life energy) and liquid diet such as juices, vegetable soup, milk and water. My inner space has become pure and subtle beyond words. After being initiated into Science of completion and having worked on the completion process for the last 3 months, I find that it is a lot easier to unclutch and fall into the space of restful awareness and sometimes I slip into Samadhi. This is such a beautiful space that I will give up anything to remain in this high state. This is our original state and everyone should experience this space.

Now here are some basic truths which were shared by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda on last Saturday’s conference, that will give you a better understanding of how vegetarian diet awakens our inner potential energy.

  • Awaken potential bio-energy. Man as of now is just a potentiality, not yet become a reality. In order for human-beings to experience fulfilment at their physical, psychological, social level, we have to awaken our inner potential bio-energy, the higher possibility. This energy is also called “Kundalini” energy or inner potential bio-energy that corresponds to centers in the brain and spine. The energy brings power in us and also gives the power to our feeling. When this energy is awakened, many possibilities open up for us. For example, the increase in cellular mitochondria energy levels which can revitalize the whole body. Mitochondria acts as the cells “power plant” generating energy that effects the whole body. When poorly functioning, the aging process is accelerated and can lead to many diseases. Most medications and chemically altered foods have a detrimental effect on the cells mitochondria. Awakening the Kundalini energy also awakens the multiple strands of DNA which can combat many diseases like cancer, and increase our bodies’ ability to cope with environmental stress and counteracting neurological issues like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • You become what you eat. We are what we eat! Our flesh has the capacity to store memory. All our memories are stored, recorded in our flesh. Our emotions and our body are very closely connected because our memories are recorded in our body. The muscle-memory and bio-memory are created only out of what we eat, so we have to be conscious of what we put into this physical body.
  • Animal bodies carry subtle poisonous toxins. The moment we kill an animal and consume it as food, at the time of death, it expresses so much of hatred, fear, anger and unfulfilled desire for life. In the death process, it releases such powerful incompletions of negative ideas or negative memories into its muscle memory, bio-memory and body in a form of very powerful poisonous toxins. When we consume such food filled with so much of incomplete bio-memories, it destroys our inner potential energy.
  • Non-vegetarian diet causes depression and crimes. There are researches which had showed that there is a correlation between people suffering with depression and highest crime rates with the non-vegetarian diet. If you compare the non-vegetarian food-based society and the vegetarian food-based society, you will find the high crime rate and depression rate. All the surveys proved vegetarians are happier than meat-eaters, and all the surveys proved vegetarians are more non-violent in their thinking and feeling and in their actions than meat-eaters. These studies also find vegetarians have lower incidence of depression, anxiety and other mood problems than their meat-eating counterparts. If the majority of the human population decides to live with vegetarian food, the agitation, depression and fear that human beings experience will drastically drop and that will really help in having more peace, joy and prosperity to humanity.
  • Human beings are designed for vegetarianism. Our body is naturally designed for vegetarian food and the inner mechanisms like our feeling, thinking and words, are designed to function with vegetarian food. If we take a look at the jaw movements of human beings vs.  all non-vegetarian animals, we will notice that non vegetarian animals only have the vertical movement of the jaws but no side movement. However, all vegetarian animals will have both vertical and side movements. Since human-beings naturally have both the vertical movement of the jaws and the horizontal side movement of the jaws, it means that we are designed for vegetarian food. Another evidence is the length of human being’s digestive tract which is designed for vegetarianism because the length is more than ten or twelve times the body length. The alkaline saliva to pre-digest plant food for optimal nutrition absorption, our teeth structure with flat molars, all are very clear indications that nature has designed our body to be vegetarian, we are born to be vegetarians.
  • Pure vs. impure food. In Sanskrit, there are 3 terms which describe the purity nature of food. First is Jaathi Dhosha which means impure food obtained by stealing, killing or depriving somebody. Because it is stolen food, even while we eat it, we will have the anxiety to quickly grab it and finish it off before it gets snatched away from our hands. Non-vegetarian food is impure because we steal the flesh of an animal after killing it. So it is considered murder and robbing. Second, Nimittha Dhosha is the way the food comes to us. Non-vegetarian food comes with so much of anger, fear, depression bio-memory filled in it. It can never be anywhere near the pure food. Third, Aashreya Dhosha means the people who handle the food. Non-vegetarian food is going to be handled by people who kill the animal. Anything which is touched by a murderer is going to carry that energy or aura in it. So, the handler of non-vegetarian food adds a little extra poison as his contribution. These 3 form the amount of impurity non-vegetarian food carries.
  • Vegetarian diet awakens higher intelligence. Vegetarian diet changes the way you decide things in your life, the way you feel about you, the way you feel about the world. This is because with vegetarian diet, the thinking becomes more subtle and settled, the agitation or aggression disappears. The subtle grooves which develop in your brain through vegetarian food will give you the power of thinking without getting tired, the power to feel without getting tired, the power to utter the right words at the right time in the right space. When this happens, the pure energy flow you carry is enough to kindle, awaken the “Kundalini Shakti” or “inner potential energy”. In Vedic tradition, all human-beings who are seeking the higher level of consciousness are expected to live a vegetarian lifestyle. The moment you become vegetarian, you also awaken your bio-memory to directly produce food and energy from space just like plants and trees. Plants and trees carry certain intelligence to produce energy directly from the sun, air and earth and water. When you are regularly eating only vegetarian food consciously, your bio-energy can also awaken this same quality. If you add a little support from the conscious source like meditation or yoga practice, you can see very clearly that the possibility in your bio-memory is awakened!

Unless you start experimenting with vegetarian lifestyle, you cannot be convinced of the great effects of vegetarian food just by words. Give it a try for next three months by eating only vegetarian food, you will see the difference in the  way you will feel in life. The way you feel about you, the way you think about  you, the way and the words you utter towards you,  everything will change drastically. You will experience the difference in different aspects of your life – physical health, mental health, relationships, even wealth and career. You will realise that human beings are designed to be vegetarians. If we flow with our nature, we will be able to awaken the higher potential energy within us which can lead us to greater health, prosperity and clarity in life.  Namaste 🙂


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