I am finally launching my first book called “Adventures in Manifesting” in end November!

The “Adventures in Manifesting” is a compilation of bestselling book series where entrepreneurs of all kinds share their inspirational and transformational stories alongside industry leaders of personal development, spiritual awareness, creative visualisation and metaphysical studies. I was one of the 33 contributing authors for “Conscious Business”, one of the 2 series in 2013. Since its inception in April 2011, it has grown leaps and bound to be a bestseller changing the lives of both readers and authors with over 47,000 copies in print and in over 21 countries.

To publish a book would have been totally unimaginable for me 10 years ago. I still remembered clearly in 2004 when my astrologer friend, who read my chart, told me that I could possibly publish at least 3 books under my name. My reply to him was: “Are you joking?! I don’t even like to write!” The thought of how much I struggled with my composition writing when I was a student came into my mind. He then said that the writing potential was clearly reflected on my chart, now I have the choice to manifest it as a reality.

Looking back, it happened at a time when my life was not expanding, in fact, I was carrying a shrinking feeling.  As a mother of my 1-year old baby, I felt responsible for a new being but I was clueless how to bring him up. Next, I felt that life was not fulfilling even though I had everything in the outer world. I carried a constant restlessness, anger, fear and irritation within me which made me feel powerless at times since childhood. In short, the low self-image I was carrying did not allow me to expand in life. Even there were times when opportunities came knocking at my door, the negative commitment of “I am not good enough”, “I don’t think I can do it” or “I don’t want to stretch myself which constantly put me in self-doubt, had stopped me from my very own expansion.

So, what had changed in the 10-year period? Many things happened in these 10 years!

  • Seeking for fulfilment. The first shift was I started my spiritual seeking to understand the deep pain and suffering which I created out of my sheer ignorance and arrogance. My being was pushing me to discover a fulfilling life and realise my divine Self. The path of yoga opened out this possibility for me when I began my discovery about yoga in 2000.  Through teachings of yoga, I understand a lot about my body-mind intelligence and the path of self-realisation which is the reason for existence in every soul.
  • Great blessing to receive a master’s grace. When a master happens in your life, he simply raises you to your highest possibilities. In Vedic culture, a master is a being who makes you experience your consciousness that you never knew you had. He is a new possibility in my life, an invitation to awaken new possibilities and rekindle a new inspiration in me. With his grace, the healing of my cracked inner space or battered consciousness started to happen when he removed the veil of illusion that was covering my inner light and he gave me the right knowledge about self, humanity, world and God. He awakened my individual consciousness and made me experience my Soul. I realised that I am no sinner which was taught by certain religions and nothing can touch my eternal spirit. My original state is blissful, all powerful and all knowing. Vedic tradition gives the right introduction about myself – I am the favourite inheritor of Cosmos. There is no repentance, all I need to do is complete with my past hangovers and align myself with dharma and get back to my original state of completion! How compassionate life is?!
  • Purification of 4 images of self. The idea you carry about you – Inner Image (mamakara); the idea you project about you to others – Outer Image (ahankara); the idea others carry about you – Others’ Image (anyakara); and the idea you carry about others and life – Life Image (swa-anyakara), these four put together form the way we think, why we think the way we think, why we behave the way we behave. As a alchemy process for transformation, he just purified these 4 components of my thinking i.e. ideas about myself, my experience of self and life. Once I started living my newly re-defined images of self, the inner space I carry begins to shift the way I see and respond to life which is in alignment with the Cosmic principles of integrity, authenticity and responsibility. Anything that does not support these 4 statements, I simply don’t entertain it. Our inner space is like the Cosmic womb (hiranya garbha) which has the capability to manifest anything we want to create in the outer world. It is such a powerful truth! Below is how I see myself and my experience with life now:

My inner image: I am a complete being, living in the space of completion.

My outer image: I am a natural inspiration for conscious living.

My other’s image: I give refuge to the world but don’t have expectations of me because I am the Unknown.

My life image: Life is a divine play for me, a canvas for expressing my creativity.

  • Life is for enriching and expansion. Another click that I live by now is – contraction is death, expansion is life; there is only one direction I want to travel in life i.e. eternal expansion. Expansion happens whenever I inspire and enrich the world through sharing of Vedic truths and my creativity in the form of talks, yoga classes, workshops, private sessions and now with a new book. Writing has happened in me as a natural expression of my creativity. In this book I shared the alchemy process which I went through to create a conscious business with my mission, Your Presence Heals. My life is nothing but a continuous expansion, the whole process from writing my chapter for this book, receiving author’s traning, updating my website for online book sale (check out the new “Home” page www.yourpresencheals.com) to organising my first book launch, I was enriched so much when I took up the responsibility to enrich the world. When you live in the space of completion, simply you just go on creating and expanding.

In essence, life is to experience the innate creativity and intelligence that we possess as a powerful divine being. When you live by this truth, enriching and expansion will become your life breath and whoever come into your breathing space, they experience the fragrance of power and compassion in your presence. On a final note, if you are keen to read about my life alchemy process in creating a conscious business or you are looking for an inspirational Christmas gift this festive season, please click through the side bar on this page and buy the book. You could be changing the lives of your loved ones or friends. Namaste 🙂