Seeing is a fundamental aspect of life. Even with the blind people, they continue to ‘see’ in their inner space. The truth is, whether we are blind or have the physical eyes, we continue to see through our inner eyes. Seeing is life, life is nothing but seeing. However, seeing with the 3rd eye (Agna chakra) is conscious seeing.

The science of opening the 3rd eye is a unique contribution of the Vedic tradition. If you see all the Hindu gods and goddesses, you will see them with 3 eyes. It means that only if your 3rd eye is awakened, you can become a God. For Hindus, the possibility of opening the 3rd eye exists because they keep the bindi or kum kum (processed turmeric powder) on the 3rd eye, which awakens it.

In fact, all over the world, all extraordinary traditions, mystical traditions and all spiritual lineages have worked intensely on the 3rd eye. This is because the 3rd eye is the bridge between the physical world and the psychic and cosmic space. All extraordinary powers and psychic powers are achieved through the 3rd eye. All the extraordinary powers are experienced when your 3rd eye is completely awakened. By awakening the 3rd  eye, we awaken the non-mechanical parts of our brain which help us to experience extraordinary powers like telepathy, materialisation and teleportation. Hence, the 3rd eye is an important power which is stored in every human being, a possibility available in every human being. We just need to awaken it.

The 3rd eye is sometimes called the Cosmic Browsing Center through which we can send and receive Cosmic information about the past, present and future. This is an extraordinary power which can happen only when the non-mechanical parts of our brain are activated. When our 3rd eye is opened, we can access, download, use and send any information to and from Cosmos. The Cosmic archives (Akashic records) become directly available to us. The 3rd eye is like a door to the Cosmos – a direct bridge to God! We can send and receive messages to anybody, anywhere in the universe. We can also attract the right people towards us and send the wrong people away from us.

To awaken the 3rd eye, we need to understand more about Kundalini Shakti (energy) which is our inner potential energy that lies dormant at the root chakra (muladhara) till we awaken it through right understanding, right context and conscious spiritual practices. The largest untapped natural resource lying with humanity is Kundalini shakti. Kundalini energy is responsible for all the tremendous capacities, powers and energies inside our system. However, the problem is most of the ordinary human beings are too busy putting too much time, energy and intelligence only in the dimension of acquiring wealth, relationships and material comforts. They are not aware of the truth that human brains are hardwired to experience higher possibilities and higher consciousness. The possibility for extraordinary powers is available to all of us through awakening this Kundalini energy and direct it to the 3rd eye center.

Do you know that there are 5 movements of prana in our breath (pancha pranas) which regulates our life breath? When we send the Kundalini energy up to the 3rd eye, it helps to clear the flow of the 5 movements of the life breath energy happening in our body. When this happens, we become healthy, balanced, intelligent and energetic.

In the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, there are 8 extraordinary powers (astha maha siddhis) which are available to humanity. The leadership consciousness (Ishwarathwa) is one of the 8 mighty powers which represents the ability and the capacity to be a leader. By opening the 3rd eye, it awakens the leadership consciousness in us. In fact, a leader with an opened 3rd eye lives an extraordinary way of life because he or she will be able to inspire thousands of people for the ultimate transformation in life.

So, how to awaken the 3rd eye? To begin our body-mind needs preparation before the awakening the Kundalini energy through spiritual practices or initiations by enlightened masters.

  1. Preparatory state – purification of body-mind system
      1. Purification of 2 nadis (energy channels), namely Ida & Pingala by practicing yoga asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures) and pranayama (breath control)
      2. Adopt a vegetarian diet and avoid stimulants of all kinds, reframe from over-eating and negative behaviours that caused disequilibrium in the alternate flow of prana in the 2 main Ida & Pingala nadis
      3. Start giving attention to your 3rd eye, the spot between your eye brows whenever you remember.
      4. Listen to the different sounds around you that constantly hit your ear-drums but wait for the meaning to be made from your 3rd eye.
      5. Stop being too serious about life. It is seriousness and ego that stop the 3rd awakening. Ego is what makes you feel separate from Existence and stops you from experiencing the fluidity of Existence. The flow of Existence is available only when we learn to follow the heart instead of the mind. Live with innocence and simplicity by shedding the ego.
      6. Practice the yoga kriya – Traktaka for 3-6 months which is a technique to develop concentration, strengthen the eyes and stimulate the 3rd eye. Refer to the proper  steps here by clicking on the link:
      7. Brahmari Pranayama with Shanmukhi Mudra. Brahmari means the humming of a bee. This pranayama and Shanmukhi mudra create a tremendous energy to rise through the body and you will experience a deep sense of bliss being generated within you. It is a powerful technique to disconnect you from sensory information and help us to turn inward and see who we really are.
  2. Awakening stage – Kundalini Awakening through right knowledge, kriya, meditation, initiation by enlightened masters
      1. Develop the right thinking by aligning your thinking based on the cognition of the 4 Cosmic principles of life: integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. Please understand that the 3rd eye is the very source of your consciousness. If you align your thinking based on the 4 principles of life, all your energy will become centred on the 3rd eye. All your energy will become stable in your 3rd eye and you will enter into the next higher frequency of consciousness.
      2. The 7-step eN-kriya from the Siddha Tradition which is the gift to the world by Siddha Mastyendranath and Siddha Gorakhnarth (from Nath Samprathaya) through Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living master. They both made great contributions to Hatha Yoga Pradipika. They created a great lineage by mastering the science of Prana which gives health, mental peace, emotional fulfilment and above all, highest possible consciousness. eN-Kriya aims at balancing and fulfilling the 5 breathing movements (pancha prana) which are responsible for our health, mental wellness, emotional fulfilment, pain, restlessness, peace and finally enlightenment. This is one of the most powerful kriyas which I experienced after having practiced it daily for almost 10 months in 2011 and the Kundalini awakening effect was exceptional. Check out the youtube video of the steps here:
      3. There are thousands of 3rd eye meditation techniques from other traditions like Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Bihar School of yoga and more. Since you are working on awakening your inner potential energy, it is advisable that you get the proper initiations of Kundalini awakening from an enlightened source in a form of living enlightened master because he will ensure the process is safe and guided properly.

In essence, it is time that the entire humanity starts awakening its higher potential energy and possibilities by opening their 3rd eye. The 3rd eye awakening will remove the separation we feel from each other and the flow of Existence and lead us to experience the collective consciousness of the Whole. Namaste. 🙂