Do you know what causes boredom in your life?

It is the poverty in your cognition that brings boredom in your life. That is why you feel life is boring or dull. Just like tiredness, feeling of boredom is a kind of physical powerlessness which makes you feel that you are not strong enough to continue the task before you.

Boredom is a pattern that many people are suffering from in today’s world. Living in boredom is like life imprisonment because one is not able to flow with the wheel of life, he destroys his own life just by wandering aimlessly and feeling bored.  Wandering aimlessly has become a lifestyle in this millennium and being in ignorance is the living trend.

Life becomes mundane and boring only because of our attitude of taking things or life granted. Life is not mundane as we think, every small thing has its own beauty. It is our insensitive mind that perceives life as mundane because it does not allow us to penetrate and see the beautiful way in which Existence is flowing.

I can say that the pattern of boredom is one of the most dangerous patterns because it takes us away from the expansion cognition and leads us to more laziness, negativity and eventually we move towards death. This is a self-destructive pattern which everyone needs to get out quickly.

From the Vedic tradition, here are the 7 practical tips on how you can get out of the boredom pattern:

  • Become a child again. If you are able to look at things with a wonder-filled attitude with awe, it fills you with such gratitude and fulfilment because you are not judging at that point in time. You are simply resonating with your heart. Nothing is mundane to a child, everything is wondrous. Relate with the world with the innocence and curiosity of a child.
  • Bring integrity, authenticity and responsibility into your cognition. Whenever you feel bored, just decide, with integrity and authenticity, that you will not entertain the idea of boredom. Simply you will see that the boredom will just disappear. The moment you bring strength in your basic cognition and take up responsibility, you will feel a constant excitement in your life. If your cognition shrinks, your actions and integrity also shrink. If your cognition expands with more responsibility, you will experience both authenticity happening in your actions and integrity happening in your thinking. By living with integrity and authenticity, you will break this pattern of boredom such that consciousness is infused into your muscle memory or biomemory.
  • Build a yogic body. Your body responds to your mind, it is important not to take your body for granted. After all, it is only with your body that you are able to enjoy so many great things in life. Daily practice of heavy yoga like doing 108 Sun Salutations per day will establish a constant excitement in you. Your nervous system should become very strong such that pain and suffering cannot send signals into your body. Men should strengthen their body with Hatha Yoga while women should make their body flexible. People who make their body yogic, live in constant excitement and they are ready to receive high spiritual experiences in life.
  • Drop laziness and superiority complex. Some people are stuck with a wrong social conditioning that they should not do the body work after attaining knowledge, a scholar or MBA should not plough the land! From wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, knowledge does not become wisdom unless it is inscribed into our muscle memory through physical experience. Insights comes only when we move our bodies with the intention to understand what we have acquired in books. This is a modern day conditioning that creates a false superiority over education! Eventually, these people collapse into laziness pattern and boredom. Life is having the ability to take responsibility and work and act with a new cognitive shift.
  • Have deep trust and gratitude for Existence. Replace the complaints and discontentment you carry with deep trust in Existence and infuse our being with deep gratitude for all that Existence showers on us. With deep gratitude, it transforms our whole perception of life and bring lasting peace and joy for us. Simply enjoy everything without questioning, the real contentment is when we feel the permanent gratitude of the benevolence of Existence. Every night before falling asleep, fall asleep with a feeling of gratitude for having spent one more day with Existence. When you wake up, wake up with a feeling of gratitude for having one more day with Existence. This is a simple way to make gratitude your very being.
  • Find fulfilment within. The ultimate fulfilment happens when you discover a spiritual state within you where you do not yearn or require anything from outside. This can happen only when you encounter the freedom of understanding that joy resides within you, you can transform your experience of life. Use wisdom, yoga and kriya as these 3 give you fulfilment by which the whole biomemory will feel content, liberated and a pleasure of fulfilment.
  • Be unknown to yourself. Constantly by enquiring about yourself, you will keep the excitement alive. Completely not knowing yourself and constantly searching yourself should be the right relationship you can have with you. Not knowing you, not associating with a name is a great liberation. Whenever constant excitement disappears, the wrong mental setup has already happened. Life itself disappears when we lose excitement. Excitement is the first niyama (highest coherence in life), be it in the inner or outer world. Constantly live in the unknown space – go on chiselling your body with yoga and kriya, go on creating new relationships, go on expanding what you strongly believe in. Be unknown to yourself; that is the best thing that can happen to you.

In essence, boredom means poverty in your cognition which stops you from the flow of life in you. Bring integrity into your thinking, authenticity into your actions and responsibility in your life, simply you will be put back in the space of possibilities and eternal expansion. Namaste 🙂