Do you know that whenever a disease happens, it means you have given up on your body?

If you look in, you will be able to see clearly that a disease develops because you have not taken ownership of your body. This means that you lack integrity with your body and have not taken responsibility to maintain it.

Integrity is the first Cosmic principle which I learned from my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He said that every human being must understand and live life with integrity because it is only with integrity that life happens. Your life starts happening only when you start owning your body with integrity. Without integrity, the body may be there, you may be there but there is no relationship. You experience yourself as a fragmented person and naturally you start inviting diseases and disorders to your body-mind.

Basically, integrity means honouring the words that you give to yourself and to others. It is only when you are integrated with the words you utter to outside and inside, you assert that you are the owner of your body. Asserting yourself as the owner of your body is the first step for health. Ownership of your body brings health and eventually allows you to go beyond this body.

Integrity is the foundation on which our lives are built. Our words create our destiny as they are the life force that fuels us. Integrity is not a morality or ethics to be defined by society, it is a spiritual value – meaning it is absolute, eternal! As spiritual beings, integrity is our innate nature, unfortunately we have forgotten this dimension because we have become so conditioned by parents, media and society.

In a discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in Decemner 2012, I was awestruck when how he gave a totally refreshing new insights into health by connecting the principle of integrity and the 5 aspects Yama (Cosmic Laws) as defined by Patanjali – the father of yoga many thousands years ago.  At that time when it was shared, I was not ready to receive it in its full glory. This week when I reviewed the note again, it just blew my mind away!

Get ready to internalise these pearls of wisdom:-

  • Sathya (truth). The first step in integrity is to honour the words you utter to yourself and to others. This is Sathya (speaking the truth). When you constantly honour your words, you are living in Sathya and you start developing the power of words i.e. you acquire the voice of wisdom which only speaks the truth!
  • Astheya (non-greedy). Another deeper dimension of integrity is about the things you own. Integrity in owning or disowning, own only which you earned and don’t try to own things of others – that is Astheya. The modern world is now suffering so much with lack of integrity in trying to own others’ things. The largest crime happening on the planet earth is people trying to grab others’ properties or belongings. If human race can get back to integrity in ownership i.e. not trying to own others things, this world will become the most beautiful place to live in. Trying to own others’ things is a pattern which is the most chaotic on the planet earth. Whenever an individual tries to own others’ things, he or she actually commits a crime of robbing, stealing or cheating. When the collective minds of countries try to own others’ things, they commit the crime of war. Wars are nothing but trying to own others’ things – what has been accepted as others, the countries who wage war are the ones trying to own it. Another suffering that human beings are having is many of them do not try to own what is their own – which is the body-mind and they try to own everything which others are owning. Integrity into ownership and dis-ownership. Own what is yours – your body, your mind and your consciousness. But you never try to own these important dimensions of you which is your responsibility. Do you know that whenever you break your integrity about owning things, you are planning for chaos in life? To bring integrity, authenticity and the power of space to our life is a plan for miracles instead of letting life happens as accidents and chaos.
  • Aparigraha (live with minimum things). Do you know that luxury actually destroys your bio-intelligence? Human race has reached the peak of luxury and comfort in the outer world and we are at the peak of suffering in the body and the inner world. When you start bringing integrity with your bio-intelligence by not destroying it with luxury or unnecessary things, you will be living only with the right amount of things you need and not risk taking away your body’s innate abilities by giving unnecessary things to it. Your bio- intelligence is made to function in its lowest possibility by the luxury. Unfortunately, the rise of consumerism created by corporations has caused the greatest detriment done to humanity with luxury because luxury weakens our natural bio-intelligence for higher possibilities. Too much of luxury actually takes away our innate intelligence to live and balance with the nature. In Vedic culture, a yogi is supposed to bring this great truth of integrity by living with minimal things for the body and in life. Living with minimum things brings a tremendous peace to our being. If we are able to do that, a new type of bio-intelligence gets awakened in our body and this body will start expressing its true extraordinary possibilities. This is one of the greatest wealth one can acquire!
  • Brahmachariya (living like god). Brahmachariya means integrity with our desires. Are we living our true desires or are we running after too many borrowed desires? When we bring integrity towards our greed and lust, celibacy happens. For example, the spleen does not need outer situations to make you feel threatened or suffocated, the same way your root center (mooladhara chakra) does not need an outside man or woman to make you experience the stimulation. By the nature of the strength of your reproductive organs and spleen are stronger than other 5 sense organs – the organs through which you perceive. Your reproductive organs and spleen have upper hand than the 5 sense organs, so they don’t need input from external stimuli. This is a physiological condition that human being is facing, it means the external world is immaterial, just these 2 organs are enough to exploit our whole life, and manage the whole life as they want! Many religious tradition force the monks and nuns into celibacy which is a kind of violence done to the body. This only leads to more incompletions and perversions. That’s why in Vedic tradition, masers, yogis and sages know this limitation of human physiology, they are able to successfully use yogic psychology to help people to evolve to the higher level of consciousness.  Freedom from others without having the need to depend on another body for pleasure, just your own inner spiritual being is an extraordinary freedom and ecstasy. Integrity with our energy of desires is one such process which simply allows Brahmachariya  to happen naturally in the state of completion. Then these people will live like gods on planet earth.
  • Ahimsa (non-violence). Integrity with your life is Ahimsa. This means we live with an understanding that we don’t take others’ life, others won’t take our life, just like how you feel you want to live, the same way every life also feels they want to live. So nobody has the right to take anybody else’s life. The first step in Ahimsa is for human beings to come back to the lifestyle of vegetarianism. Human beings are designed physiologically for vegetarian diet which brings great health and creates possibility to awaken higher bio-intelligence. The next level of Ahimsa is to complete with your self doubt, self hatred and self denial (SDHD) patterns which is the root of violence through the Science of Completion.

Now catch the essence: The way to enjoy great health and well-being is to take ownership of your body-mind by living life with integrity. Namaste 🙂