I remembered in June 2009, I attended my first 21-day transformative programme called Inner Awakening with Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) and there was one powerful session he initiated us was “Memory”. He gave us the basic concept of memory:

Table-memory. Information we access daily for the daily functioning of life and the things we are interested. • Cupboard memory. Information we need to think and access, for example, the bank balance. • Archive memory. Information that is stored below the age of 3 which we cannot access with normal techniques. • It is because of the society conditioning that we are forced to remember many things that are not required for our lives. Any forced memory leads to mental disorders like Parkinson disease  which is related to having memory on the table which you don’t want. • Say “NO” to forced memory from society, as a conscious being, we can decide not to remember anything by force and only remember the sweet memories of life and enjoy. • When we live with only the table memory, we are living enlightenment in an unclutched manner.

From this one initiation, I got a big click that I no longer allow any forced memory into my system, I only work out of inspirations and passion. Fast forward to May 2014, a span of 5 years after I attended this mind-blowing memory discourse, little did I know that this is preparing me one day I shall teach children how to enhance their memory power?!

We can see that the children today are being forced to remember too much information which is not required for their lives such that they are suffering from the mental stress and mental fatigue. Swamiji did say that one way to help the children today is to expand their table memory through interest and time-tested Vedic memory techniques that activate the entire brain power.

Through the master’s compassion and his guidance, the eN-Memory Programme is his gift to the children which is based on the curriculum of his Gurukul (Vedic school) in his ashram. Last Sunday, I had the fortune of sharing a short eN-Memory introductory session with a small group children and parents. It was amazing to see right understanding and awareness of the truths could change the context of the problem.

I like to share the following fundamental concepts to all parents whereby the eN-memory Programme are designed:

Work smart not hard. Children learn from society and parents that it takes hard work and studying to be successful. Children are expected to study the whole night which is not necessary. To achieve anything, relaxation is the key, not stress. If we live our lives casually, we will be the highest achievers and we can also be successful in studies by studying casually instead of by working hard. • Increase your memory power to 100%. Our conscious mind is capable of using only 10% of our mind’s capacity. With only 10% of our mind we handle our life. The remaining 90% is unconscious mind. Most people use only 1-2% of their mind. In Yogic psychology and yogic physiology, there are 3 levels of intelligence, namely IQ (Cognitive Intelligence which relates to spontaneity and intellect), EQ (Emotional Intelligence which relates to ability to deal with people and society) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence which relates to ability to live joyfully in this world). For normal human beings, we are only able to activate 10% of the energy  whereas enlightened beings can utilise 100% of their energy. Hence, enlightened masters continue to descend to show us our highest possibility. • Short-Term vs Long-Term memory. Usually the Short-term memory will keep information for 24-48 hrs whereas information in the Long-term memory stays for 3-6 years. If the information is not reviewed or refreshed, you will still be able to remember after 1 year. So the key is continuously refreshing the important information so that it retains in the Long-term memory. • Level of interest spurs quantum in memory. Whenever there is a clear interest, your unconscious mind draws the information directly in. For example, if we watch a movie, due to our interest, the unconscious mind will record all the 3-hrs of information from the movie. Memories stored in the unconscious mind can be retrieved at any time for years. If we are clearly interested, memory will happen without effort. Memorisation does not need effort, only interest. Studying is not hard work which can be done casually as long as we can generate the same level of interest in children. • Pressure vs Pleasure. During study, most of the information goes into the conscious mind, some gets into the subconscious mind and very little gets past into unconscious mind. That’s the problem. That’s the reason why we need to repeatedly study and review the same information. Biologically there is an error in the way our brain handles memories. That is why we find studying is so difficult. Societal conditioning about studying has created a huge tumour inside of us – that studying is a burden. Pressure can never yield results, only pleasure can create an interest for excellence. • Awareness is key to effective understanding. Awareness holds the key to create understanding from visualisation and verbalisation. The basis for good understanding is verbalisation (IQ), visualisation (EQ), awareness (SQ). The bundle of nerves that connects the 2 hemispheres of our brain is called corpus callosum. Researchers have proven that there is a strong correlation between the speed at which information travels through the corpus callosum and our ability to understand. From Vedic tradition, there are many techniques revived by Swamiji for activating the left brain, right brain and corpus callosum for children. In this eN-memory program, the children will learn a combination of memory techniques and meditations which rewire the brain of children.

The Vedic Science of enhancing memory power is now available in a big way, we just need to start creating awareness among parents, educators and policy makers. It is my sincere hope that many schools in Singapore will be able to embrace such a programme. If you are interested in helping you child/children in enhancing their memory power and removing the stress they are suffering from the societal conditioning of study, come and register for the eN-Memory Programme. For details, you can contact info@yourpresenceheals.com. Namaste. 😀