Our inner space is such an amazing psychological organ! Unless you experiment with it, you won’t even begin to fathom the power of your own inner space.

 Before I discovered the power of inner space, I used to function out of fear and greed from the conditioning of society and that was the way I ran my life for about 40 years filled with so much struggles and suffering. It was only after I attended the Inner Awakening spiritual retreat conducted by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (also known as Swamiji) and started working on cleaning up and harnessing my inner space that I began to fully grasp the immense possibilities of this new treasure chest within me. Now I fully understand, in the space, everything is possible.

About a month ago I was working with a committed volunteer who wanted to work with the community of kids with special needs especially autism because she has a 13 y.o. son who is autistic. The moment I decided to take up the responsibility of being a co-creator in her life, from the space of completion, I told her that I would design a yoga therapy programme for these kids. Even though I didn’t have a clear idea how I was going to do it, but I just knew that I would do it.

My words were like the conscious seeds which I planted in the inner space within me, then one day during my morning sadhana (practice), in a deep meditative state, I heard an inner voice saying “Teach them grounding and connect them to the earth element”. That was it! The downloading happened in a brief moment.

When I started to do more research from my past training and experiences, I was able to put together the content of the first session of the Yoga therapy. Last Saturday, I conducted the first session and I was so fortunate that Existence sent me a beautiful couple who were very receptive and a lovely boy. In that whole session, I was just holding a safe, nurturing and loving space for him to respond to the therapy as I guided him through the experience. It happened so naturally and so beautifully as if something I was meant to do. His being connected to this space of possibility which was amazing! This very experience gave me so much confidence that the kinaesthetic somatic approach using Body-Mind Centering to re-pattern children with special needs can be of great help. From that space, I was able to develop from this one lesson to 10-week therapy programme for children with special needs. Intuitively now I realised how I was guided to learn this approach of body work about 10 years ago. It was preparing me for the healing work that I shall be doing as a part of my mission.

Even as a yoga teacher, it does not matter whether I am teaching adults or children, I design yoga classes conceived from my inner space and I would just create the space for them to experience what I want to impart. It has worked many times for me because the power of the space pulls them in and if they are relaxed and aware, somehow they will catch the intended experience.

I remembered in one of the discourses given by Swamiji, he said that “Chidhaakaasha is the space what we call as our Consciousness. Another one beautiful word is CHIDHAMBARA which means, what you feel as you. That is called Chidhaakaasha or Chidhambara in Sanskrit. Chidhambara, the right inner consciousness, the right inner space you don’t need anything, any practice other than expanding what you feel as you.”

It is when we give up the ownership of our space due to inauthenticity that we allow a shrinking of our space and create conflicts in our lives. Fundamentally, life is all about reclaiming our Chidhambara, our right inner space. Swamiji gave a perfect example: “if you have a headache, and you decide you are responsible for it. Then you will simply expand and understand you are residing in your head. If you think the headache is a suffering and it came for various reasons, you give up your ownership on that space and that space is now declared as conflict zone.” This applies to all the conflicts related to health, wealth, relationship including spiritual growth.

This powerful inner space is available in every human being on planet earth, you just need the right technique and the right master who can transmit the science for you to harness it. From my experience, the process I underwent includes completing with my past hangovers which were sitting in my inner space as dust that crowded my otherwise original pure space. That was the first step where I was taught the Science of Completion. After working on completion with self and others, more and more empty space began to open up for creation. He then taught me the Science of Creation and Manifestation by consciously getting back to Authenticity. This entails a creation of my conscious identity which defines my inner image, outer image, life image and other’s image. With this conscious identity, I align my whole life to it in all my thoughts, words and deeds. From this exploration, I discovered that there is an unknown part of me that constantly keeps expanding. So when I reside in the powerful inner space, a new intelligence starts getting expressed through this body. Once this happens as a way of life, I notice that I am becoming solution-driven. Quite often answers to many of my issues just pop up in the inner space the moment I bring awareness to this space. In Vedic culture, they call this Hiranya Garbha (cosmic womb) that constantly gives birth to new possibilities.

Every night before sleep, when I sit to do my completion meditation to wipe clean the dust collected during the day, many times I just fall into this vast space and disappear into emptiness. Sometimes, the space would feel so vibrant and powerful that it starts to awaken the Kundalini Shakti (inner potential energy) so strongly and the body will start levitating as the rewiring of neurons happens.

Another important truth, we know the impermanence of the outer world possessions, name and fame and this body-mind, but this extraordinary power of space is the only thing that we take with us when we exit this body. It is one of the spiritual work we are meant to do while in the body.

In essence, when you awaken to the understanding of the power of inner space and take responsibility to reclaim your space and harness this power within you, miracles will start happening in your life. You become self-driven, solution-based and a natural leader to cause for your own reality and other’s reality. This is such an extraordinary way of existing which is what Inner Awakening can do for you, what it had done for me. I give my heartfelt gratitude to Swamiji for bestowing this gift to all human beings on planet earth. Namaste 🙂