Tomorrow is the Guru Poornima, the auspicious day which is celebrated by those who worship the Divine in the form of a Guru. This is the day when the Guru receives us into His compassion and wipes out even the most terrible karmas of life-times with His unconditional Grace. Many people cannot understand why this worship of another human form?!

You see, in the Vedic tradition, we believe that the Divine assumes the human form again and again as Guru to remind us to search for the Ultimate truth. As expressed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation in Bhagavad Gita JnanaKarmaSanyasa Yoga Chapter 4 verses 4.7-4.8, “When positive consciousness declines, when collective negativity rises, again and again, at these times, I am reborn. To nurture the pious and to annihilate the wicked, to re-establish righteousness, I am reborn, age after age.”

In yogic scripture, there is this truth that resonated so much within me i.e. “Guru, God and Self are ONE”. All human beings are born out of the divine energy. Every being yearns to get back to its original Source – the space of non-duality (Advaita) and fulfilment. To experience this original space, constantly we seek to connect with this original Source of energy through the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. This is the way we are programmed in our DNA and bio memories. But our past conditionings in the form of illusions and ignorance of the mind gets in the way which stops us from this awakening. To reach the true end, the Being has to decide consciously because life gives us the freedom of choice to be in bondage or liberation. Fundamentally, our life experience is about the accumulated decisions we made. A Guru is the one who happens again and again to make us decide to be awakened. Being a disciple means to be open enough to feel the grace of the Guru. From my experience, I can say that the relationship between a Guru and a disciple is a unique one because this Guru-disciple relationship operates from the very core of our Being, that is beyond the logic, intellect and social conditioning. Till one meets his SatGuru, who holds the key for his/her realisation, the search goes on births after births. The Guru-disciple connection is a deep communion between the realised and the unrealised. Then the unrealised will discover that they were always realised, just that they were not awakened to it.

I am blessed to have met my SatGuru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda in early 2006. Whenever I look back, my eyes will be filled with tears of gratitude for all the transformations and auspicious things that I‘ve been showered in my life. All these happened because I’ve made many conscious decisions, only with knowledge, clarity and courage he bestowed on me. Let me share that with you.

Guru is the one who made me decide to seek a higher reality; Instead of living in the illusion and darkness. Guru is the one who made me decide to seek fulfilment in my life; Not to live other people’s lives trapped by the societal conditioning. Guru is the one who made me decide to drop my past baggage; Otherwise pain, suffering and death will ensue. Guru is the one who made me decide to live like a Yogi; Instead of living a life of a Rogi driven by sense pleasures and diseases. Guru is the one who made me decide to be a living teacher; Teaching what I live and living what I teach. Guru is the one who made me decide to continue to raise myself by myself; Being my best friend to myself instead of my worst enemy. Guru is the one who made me decide to return to the space of a child; Experiencing the joy of spontaneity and seeing the huge possibility in every child. Guru is the one who made me decide to experiment the Science of Nirahara; Dropping my food patterns and awakening the bio-intelligence to live on prana and liquid. Guru is the one who made me decide to honour the words I give to myself and others; Restoring my integrity and awakening the power of words, Vaak Siddhi. Guru is the one who made me decide to change my name to Ma Nithya Durgananda; Showing me the path by radiating courage, power and energy of Durga. Guru is the one who made me decide to stretch myself to my peak capacity; Dropping the fear of my Unknown and living an authentic life of the highest possibility. Guru is the one who made me decide to take responsibility even for others’ inauthenticity; Because I am the Source for all the happenings in my life. Guru is the one who made me decide to enrich people with Dharma and cause their reality; Because life is for others, everyone is a part of me. Guru is the one who made me decide to light my inner flame, To experience my Presence, the core of my Being; the Self-effulgent! Guru is the one who made me decide to live Advaita (non-duality); Experiencing a deep merging in the space of YOU-ME, ME-YOU. Guru is the one who made me decide to prepare for a Graceful Exit; Going beyond death and relaxing into the imperishable space of Nithyananda Loka.

On this special occasion of Guru Poornima, I give my heartfelt gratitude to my Guru who happened in my life to raise me. Let there be NO blind spots between you and me, only deep surrender and authenticity. Namaste. 😀