Once a devotee asked a living master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) a question in 2011.

She asked: “Why is there no peace in the world?”

Master replied: “There is no peace in you; that is why you are looking at that part in the world. Bring peace in your heart and you will simply see that part of the world which is living in peace.”

Many of us ask for global peace but how can we experience global peace when we are still carrying so much pain within us? The truth is we are all a part of the collective consciousness. Our inability to experience peace within us is due to the pain patterns from the past hangovers. Unless we complete with these pain patterns, we can never experience inner peace. Till inner peace is experienced by more and more individuals, there can never be global peace. Fundamentally, to spread global peace, we have to help humanity to be relieved of their pain patterns.

What are the pain patterns?

Pain exists in us as a unique heat and vibration which is preventing us from being alive and active. There are 4 types of pain – physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, psychological pain. For example all our tiredness is a pain pattern. Boredom is a pain pattern, an inability to focus is also a pain pattern. Constantly getting irritated is from pain pattern. The pain of non-fulfilment in life which leads to constant restlessness. All these are manifestations of pain patterns. A research from University of California confirmed that “Long term and complicated grief activates neurons in the center of the brain, possibly giving this memory an addiction-like properties.” Suffering can become an addiction, a matured pain body gives birth to more and more pain bodies. Catching the pain body and ensuring it does not grow is an important step in spiritual growth!

Our samskaras or engraved memories create certain mental grooves and we strengthen the pathways of engrams if we react in the same way again and again. According to Neuroplasticity Science, our brain has the ability to create new grooves and pathways and the existing grooves will heal and disappear if left on their own. The fact that our brain is capable of creating new grooves means that the possibility of new life, new mental setup is there for all of us! The possibility of rewiring our brain is available to everyone of us, we just need to find out the right technique!

Three days ago, Swamiji initiated the entire world into this yogic process called Samskara Dahana Kriya, the most powerful way to relieve oneself and others from all types of pain, sufferings, diseases and psychological illness. Swamiji revealed that “Anything which you have other than Samadhi (means vibrating the same frequency of the original source) is pain pattern!” If this process is done for 48 days, it can solve thousands and thousands of pain patterns in us. The Samskara Dahana Kriya is one of the very comprehensive completion processes, a boon to experience inner peace and global peace. He encouraged everyone to practise this kriya for 48 days and share this science with people.

The Samskara Dahana Kriya comprises four steps:

  • Start penning down your earliest memories of your life, all the pain patterns, pains you experienced in your life.
  • And re-live them in your inner-space and relieve, at least five times.
  • Then, re-live them and relieve them using the mirror.
  • Then, sit with another person, go on sharing. Share at least five times with different person. And, listen to at least five persons’ Completion story.

By sincerely going through this deep process, many pain patterns which we don’t even remember, but are still sitting inside us, we will start to catch it when we share with others. During sharing, our awareness is naturally high, and we will be able to see many of the unsaid reasons. All the pain of non-fulfilment will leave our system if we do this process for 48 days. The pain of non-fulfilment, which we carry in our life constantly from the root pattern that was created the moment we left our original state, will melt down.

From my experience, just by doing this process for 3 days, I could immediately see the subtle pain patterns which I developed were revealed in my inner space and I was able to complete with it. With so much confidence and enthusiasm, I want to share this Healing Science with anyone who is keen to open up and heal themselves from all the old scars or wounds. I am available to provide the listening to anyone from the space of completion.

How can you participate?

  • Send me an email request via info@yourpresenceheals.com and we can connect via Skype for international requests.
  • For those residing in Singapore, you can also attend a one-day Catharsis workshop “Bring Peace In Your Heart” on Sunday, 21 Sept at 10.30 am – 5 pm. Details will be shared in the workshop tab of www.yourpresenceheals.com.

In essence, our brain is capable of new neurons, new pathways as we create new habits or patterns. Through the time-tested yogic process of Samskara Dhahana Kriya, we can heal the past wounds and rewire our brain grooves for a brand new future of inner peace and global peace! Namaste! 😀