In this modern age, men are always disturbed and we live with 3 levels of tensions whether it is in the physical, emotional or mental plane. As a result, we are quarrelsome, lazy, misguided and unlucky, which is the reason why we live very short lives. Unfortunately, in this age everything is mismanaged by the profit-driven media and consumeristic corporations and unconscious leaders. Human beings are so conditioned with a worker’s mentality, we forget the aim of life because we are in ignorance living in darkness. As a result, we are slow in understanding spiritual life.  Human life is meant for understanding spiritual values but we have forgotten life’s real purpose. We do not know anything about living in bliss which is our true nature and the kingdom of God. We know nothing about how to get there or how to become happy. We have forgotten all this.

Instead we are taught by the so-called liberal thinkers the notion of liberal thinking i.e. thinking based on the instincts, impulses or pleasures. But we forget that liberalism is one more jail which we are made to believe our jail is our home. It is pure hypocrisy and foolishness!

Without the right thinking, some people are living in the mode of ignorance (tamas-guna) where there is neither knowledge nor enjoyment but simply animalistic living. Some people live in the mode of passion (rajas-guna), there is no knowledge, for passion is an impetus to enjoy material benefits because they associate their existence only to their body and mind.

The truth is man’s elevation depends mainly on his mind. His thinking can either bind him or liberate him. It is our thinking that makes us whatever we are! Our mind is the most powerful instrument. The right way of thinking is one of the most important things in human life because the right thinking is enough to liberate us from all problems. As such our prime duty, therefore, is to improve the mind. All our thoughts should be centred on our rise to the highest level of possibility in alignment with Cosmic Truths – Dharma. Mind, through whose aid the soul accumulates its experiences, has a natural tendency to occupy itself with matters of the world, undergoing in the process all the cares and worries incidental to obtaining worldly pleasures and possessions.

To go beyond the clutches of the mind, we have to bring back the Vedic Science of liberated thinking. Liberated thinking means right understanding about self, humnity, universe and God. Liberated thinking is a state of cognitive shift, thinking from the space of Completion where we are always feeling powerful, blissful, always in the eternal bliss, always in the joy of liberation, never feeling suffocated, bound or powerless! There is a constant intranalyzing which does not bring tiredness and boredom in life. Liberated thinking only adds more and more powerfulness, energy and completion to us.

Liberated thinking is one of the most powerful gifts given to the world by the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Sanatana Hindu Dharma’s greatest contribution is liberated thinking, because Sanatana Hindu Dharma introduces the right you to you, not as a sinner. Our actual endeavour is to attain happiness; that is our real struggle for existence. Liberated thinking means knowing the impermanence of this body-mind beyond the sense gratification and turning our energy towards the permanence – our Atman, the soul. By penance (tapas), we can purify our senses and regain our eternal life by living a regulated life according to Vedas. A regulated life will elevate one from the mode of ignorance (tamas guna) to the mode of goodness (sattva guna). Unless one is established in sattva guna, the mode of goodness, his or her knowledge cannot expand. In the mode of goodness, we are able to understand knowledge of Self or Absolute Truth.

In essence, liberated thinking is what we need, not liberal thinking. Men as such, have forgotten their real purpose in life, hence there is an urgency to bring a revolution of liberated thinking on planet earth. Only by feeling responsible in bringing liberated thinking in our self and in others, can we make a shift into enlightened consciousness, Satya Yuga. Namaste 😀