Do you feel caged by societal conditionings? Are you a victim of society’s rules of morality?

Many people live in society with a deep hatred or anger towards the way how things are presented in life. They forget that they can create their own reality since they are the source of everything around them, instead they go on lamenting their fate and blame everything except themselves. They carry such bitterness towards life which creates suffering every moment and goes on attracting people with the same negative energy towards them.

One important thing that I’ve learned in the process of reclaiming my freedom as a conscious being is the ability to go beyond the clutches of society. To get back to your presence and inner peace, you need to understand the delusions and hypocrisy of society and rise above these layers of illusion which are clouding your ability to see things clearly. I have the fortune of receiving the guidance of a living master who not only gives me clarity but also the courage to transcend the societal conditionings.

Here are some of the delusions in society that everyone should be aware of:
  • Conscience is a poor substitute of consciousness. Conscience is given to us by society whereas consciousness is our innate nature. Conscience comes from morality, fear and greed which is only skin deep. There is no rule of right or wrong because one man’s food could be another man’s poison. What’s right in one society is wrong in another?! In Vedic tradition, the rishis are the most authentic people on planet earth who had the courage to declare that their literature could be updated. There are 2 kinds of literarture – the Sruti such as Vedas or Upanishad which are the ultimate teaching whereas the Smruti like Manu’s codes of social law and daily practices which can be updated depending on the relevance of the time we live in. If we are centered on conscience, it will only create guilt in us. Only with consciousness, we experience integrity, authenticity and inner peace. Therefore, to beyond the rights and wrongs of society, we should be centered on consciousness and then take conscious decision based on the understanding.
  • Too much collective greed and fear. If you look around the businesses today, many of the businesses are driven by collective greed. Greed is a form of legally-accepted delusion of the human mind which was developed by the collective greed. For example, the healthcare industry has fallen into the hands of collective greed, the pharmaceutical companies and so-called doctors don’t provide cure anymore; they only create customers so that we continue to bring them profits. If we allow the fear and greed of the individuals, the whole world will be sick, consuming pills every day. That is what is happening to humanity. Every day the kind of pills people are forced to swallow. No wonder an increasing number of people are seeking for alterantive healthcare or therapies. The best solution is to take responsibility of our own health so that we don’t fall prey to such conspiracy. Other industries like financial markets – share trading, foreigen exchange currency trading, trading of futures in precious mentals and raw materials, all these industries based on delusion and are driven by people who are “for profit”. But, the problem is this collective greed has infiltrated into other important basic industries such as food, utilities, clothes, shelter, medical care, education and media, all the basic needs of human-beings are also now in the hands of companies with vested interests. These basic things should be non-profit because this is the only way we can keep human-beings safe on the Planet Earth. Another problem is the rising tension between the “Haves” and “Have Nots” because the latter is starting to develop a kind of anger towards those who have. But, unfortunately, these psychological greedy personalities who have vested interests, the damage they cause to the consciousness of humanity is not at all recognized by the society. Fundamentally, we need to know that any fear or greed in food and medicine makes our body impure. Any fear or greed in the history and concepts makes our psychology impure. Any fear or greed in religious and spiritual ideas makes our consciousness bound. If we could separate the for-profit and non-profit industries, that would be a great shift in reducing the effect of collective greed.
  • False idea of poverty & richness. From the Vedic civilisation, there is a concept called “desha” -“Annam Bahu Kurveetha”, it means, “Let us produce food in large quantities”, producing not just food, but everything in large quantity, and making it available to everyone as easily as possible is “desha”. In those days, the business had no concept of low value or high value of products and services. It is the modern civilization which is started this segregation. The moment we put low value for certain products and high value for others, we have already made a difference between professions! There was never valuation between shoes and knowledge. The shoes maker just produces in large quantity, and makes it available to his community. The teacher just shares his knowedge and makes it available for everyone. Frankly, the biggest problem in humanity is not poverty because the planet earth already has large quantity of whatever we need. We just need to make sure it is available for everyone. It is the greed of a few people holding, controlling and not making it available to everyone – that is the real problem. When the decision-makers are caught in fear and greed, then it is all going to be about possessing and controlling so as to claim their superiority. Wealth, handled with incompletion, will lead to possessiveness. Power, handled with incompletion, will become controlling. A powerless man, when he is given power, he will only be controlling. A poor man, when he is given wealth, he will only be possessing. The idea of poverty and richness was inserted into our cognition by the society in the modern day is completely wrong. The solution is to bring understanding and completion into our being, we will see the right idea of wealth, richness, health, peace and everything will happen in the right perspective. Simply we will be creative in sharing what we have produced with the world.

In essence, we are conscious beings living the human experience, we are not victims of fate. We are endowed with all the knowledge, powers and resources to create a wonderful fulfilling life. All we need is bring the right understanding of completion to the unconscious part of society and simply we will be able to evolve the society to higher consciousness. Namaste. 😀