In my article dated 29 May 2015, I shared about the science of the third eye awakening after returning from Inner Awakening program in Varanasi. This third eye awakening initiation is a part of the Inner Awakening program which is conducted by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). In the third eye webinar, he said that “Man + Awakened Third Eye = God”. You start seeing the reality as it is, like God instead of seeing the world through the limitation of the normal human eyes.

For the last 4 weeks, I have been playing with this new power like a child discovering a new toy. I can say that this new possibility completely transformed my daily sadhana (practice) because each experience is a discovery of the unknown, like a new playground to explore and experience for the Yogi in me. Life can never be the same anymore with such a new possibility!!

I like to share with my readers some of my observations and experiences:
  • Catch the game of your cunning mind. You can literally watch how your cunning mind plays the game of distracting you from the present moment of restful awareness when your 3rd eye is awakened. The human mind has the tendency to fall into the ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ space and do the unconscious things. In one of my practices, I saw how the mind fell into the unawareness, immediately I nipped it at the bud and returned to taking long breaths which brought me back to this moment. With an awakened 3rd eye, your ability to listen to yourself and witness your mind improves tremendously. This leads to better health, well-being and inner peace.
  • Gain clarity from dilemma or confusion. Any dilemma or uncertainty which you have in life , you can get the clarity the moment you put your problem or doubts into the awareness of the 3rd eye. In Vedic tradition, we call this Buddhi i.e. the higher intelligence in us that is attracted to reality, it guides us like an inner guru. Simply you will have the knowing and energy to decide from the space of powerfulness. Your thinking become so crystal clear about what you want in life that no social conditioning nor fears can shift your space into a compromise. You don’t cave in to inauthenticity. A kind of inner strength develops within you and you are prepared to go through anything, comes what may.
  • Able to sense others’ space. You can actually sense the space of another person when your 3rd eye is awakened. You become extremely sensitive to others’ inauthenticity which gives you the intelligence to help them transform as well. You also start becoming more authentic in the process.
  • Feel a deep connection with Mother Earth. In one practice, I felt a deep connection with mother earth (BhooDevi). I played with BhooDevi through the rhythmic flow of my breathing and transfer of impulse using my body weight. Just by yielding the weight on exhalation, I allowed myself to relax into mother earth and I felt the rebounce force from mother earth sending me back into space. The yoga practice became very slow and fluid which created a deep opening within my body and mindfulness. This practice also triggered an awareness of the atrocities done by humanity on planet earth. According to Swamiji, he said that people with awakened 3rd eye can simply manifest the reality as they want. Then I got an idea of getting at least 7 people with awakened 3rd eye to bless the healing of mother earth from the damage done by unconscious society. Something I will investigate and make it happen.
  • Experience the Golden Cosmic Womb. The 3rd eye power is the source of Hiranya Garbha – the Golden Cosmic Womb which is the source of all creations. You will have the ability to create and manifest anything as you want. One particular experience I had was about the design of my next yoga module focussing on strengthening the digestive system and the nervous system. When I planted this intention into the space of the Golden Cosmic Womb, I could see clearly the scope of the new module and also the Yogic techniques revealed to me. All I need to do is – do some more research, validate from the scriptures and piece the content together! Viola!
  • Direct your presence to heal yourself. When you bring awareness to your 3rd eye, you are immediately raised to your Presence. If you can hold that Presence, you can actually use this powerful Presence to heal yourself and undo all the unconscious damages you did to your body, mind and consciousness. I experienced this healing on my injured right wrist when I discovered experientially that I could actually direct this powerful Presence to ‘sense’ the right side of my body from right shoulder to the wrist joint and slowly I was able to loosen up the tension in the ligaments through a series of yoga poses. There was a kind of relief and I was able to do certain postures now without the discomfort as before! Another intelligence that gets awakened is you start seeing yourself beyond this body. You stop being too possessive of your material body i.e. not possessing anything that is not your true self, pure consciousness. You just become a good listener to the body intelligence and allow the body to move as it wants. You will really enjoy physical, emotional and mental health when you learn how to be non-possessive of your body and JUST BE.
  • Discover the qualities of pure consciousness experientially. It is only with the blessing of an awakened 3rd eye that you can start perceiving beyond the five senses, you experience the other dimensions of consciousness – the moving and unmoving dimensions, the radiant and self-effulgent, the eternal dimension and more! What the rishis of Upanishad described in the sacred scripture is no longer a mystery, you can start experiencing it!

What I’ve shared above are merely the initial benefits of the 3rd eye power! I feel that each experience is like an adventure of self-discovery into the different qualities of pure consciousness. Every morning, I actually look forward to connect with this space and allow Existence to show me the new possibilities in life. Swamiji said “When you know life, you know everything”. That’s the power of Sarvajnathwa! This possibility is available in everyone, even the blind ones, you just need to awaken this possibility in the presence of an incarnation and start practising with passion and patience. If you are seriously interested to explore this possibility in you, the program is Inner Awakening where Swaimiji initiates people into the 3rd Eye awakening process safely without any negative side-effects. The only effect you get is higher intelligence and bliss. Namaste 😀

Check out,  OR watch videos on third eye awakening via this link.
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