The ancient seers, masters and yogis understood that Prakrithi, the cosmic substance, is consist of three constituents or forces called Gunas. Each guna is a derived aspect of existence and yet is never separate from the origin itself. A guna remains distinct in its characteristics and functions accordingly. Every human being, regardless of race, religion or caste, has the 3 gunas. These three gunas are: rajas, tamas, and sattvas.

Sattva guna is of illumining character. It has the quality of equilibrium and manifests as light. Rajas guna has the quality of activity, excitement and manifests as the nature of movement. The nature of Tamas guna is inertia or darkness and has a restraining quality.

Depending on our state of awareness, completion with life and lifestyle, we can consciously enhance or diminish the 3 gunas within us. The ancient masters and yogis also knew that good digestion which is key to radiant health and sought to understand the mind-body connection through the types of food we consume.

We are what we eat! Food plays a vital role in determining our daily health and state of mind. Our physical body as well as our mental constitution are touched by the influence of these 3 Gunas through the food we eat.  Sattvic food keeps the body light and gives mental clarity. Rajasic food provokes excessive activity in the body and makes the mind state agitated and restless. Tamasic food generates heaviness in the body and dullness of mind. A prolonged intake of Sattvic food evokes freshness, enthusiasm, lightness, calmness and clarity in one’s being.

Since food is an external factor, it allows us the possibility of consciously changing and choosing our diet to influence ourselves. You could start first by aiming to neutralize the abnormalities arising in the state of mind or attend to any discomforting signals our body may be sending out by gradual changes in the diet. Then the diet can once again be re-designed to enhance the natural healing process within the body and mind.

Sattvic food is designed for people with brahminical qualities i.e. those whose life is about sharing and teaching knowledge and truths to the world. As a living teacher and yogi, hence the sattvic food is the right diet for me. Ever since I became a vegetarian in January 2007 after being initiated as a Nithya Spiritual Healer, I have been experimenting with different ingredients and creating new fusion of Sattvic recipes that are not only nourishing to the body but also taste delicious.

Basically, sattvic food is energy for our body and it is prepared at most 4 hours before eating so that it is fresh and retains its sattva quality. Strictly no animal products are used in satvvic food as the moment the animal is killed, the fear gets stored in the muscle memory, by eating meat, we store the fear in our muscle memory.  The other food we also avoid are eggs and mushrooms which are tamasic in nature and onion, garlic and green chilies which are rajasic. Milk is considered sattvic if it is produced in a non-violent (ahimsa) environment where the cows are treated with love and care.

One more thing I also realised – a Nirahari (one who can live without solid food) or a Nithya Spiritual Healer who is in a state of perpetual completion, the food she cooks will bring sattvic healing energy or bliss energy. Whenever I bring sattvic lunch box to my son, Kai on the days he has to stay late in school for extra remedial lessons, he simply loves the food because the food not only tastes great but it is also cooked with such loving, healing energy. He is now known for his mommy’s yummy vegetarian food among his friends because he generously shares his food with them.

Perhaps one day, I may open a Sattvic Café to educate more people about the benefits of sattvic food and simple sattvic cooking which caters to the health-conscious population. I had started the initial proposal as revealed in my vision but it needs the support of more like-minded people who is willing to roll up their sleeves and take up the responsibility to take this vision into a reality for the good of the community and the world. Let me throw this out there to the Universe and see!

Here are some samples of my explorations! Enjoy! Namaste! 😀 Food Vege RollsFood Vege Curry2Food Vege CurryFood Tofu ballFood Teamily Rice BallFood Spring RollsFood Pumpkin soupFood Pasta saladFood NoodleFood Mango SaladFood LagsaneFood Glass NoodleFood Cous Cous SaladFood Brocolli salad

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