Three months after the initiation into the 3rd eye awakening by Swamiji, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, how has life been?

Honestly, I am still learning a new way of living and being with this gift of an awakened 3rd eye. It is said in many spiritual records that an activated Agna chakra, 3rd eye (which coincides with the pineal gland) opens up many possibilities to experience other dimensions or frequencies of the spiritual world. It means one treads in the zone of the Unknown – God consciousness. Swamiji declared that man plus 3rd eye equals to God.

From my experience, the first thing I discovered is how to play with this new power in my daily sadhana (spiritual practice). This power has added so much juice and unpredictability into my spiritual experiences because each day is a new possibility that awaits me the moment I step onto my yoga mat or when I sit with myself. Like a child curious about life all over again, I just get into the space of Unknown and allow the Existence to unfold what it wants to reveal to me. There is never a dull moment because you experience the entire universe inside you with its multiple layers of mysteries and wisdom unravelling in its full glory. It shows me how to heal my body from the past injury, it awakens my body intelligence which is a miniature of the Cosmos. It makes me flow like a river in tune with the flow of life. It helps me to understand the mind has no place in this zone, I simply have to unclutch and be present. All the things I learned about Yoga in the past intellectually got updated with this new awakening and it continues to expand.

In July, I decided to take up the responsibility of sharing the sacred practice of samyama, the applied science of Yoga with the sangha (spiritual community). Samyama is the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and power; which are in your super consciousness, are expressed through your body to the world. This is a topic which is of great interest to me when Swamiji expounded the Yoga Sutras in 2011. There was a certain energy which was driving me to share this knowledge, even though I may not have personally experienced the practice of many of the samyamas. With a complete trust in the Guru and His blessing, I prepared the content with authenticity and made myself available as a divine instrument for Him. In that surrender, the most fascinating thing started expressing in me. All the muscle memory and bio memory I had with my yoga practice using this body, when I look at the samyama instructions, somehow I just have this knowing how to prepare the participants to get into the state using yogasanas (postures) and pranayama or kriya (breathing techniques) before they enter into the samyama practice. Sometimes deeper knowledge gets revealed to me during my daily practice or whatever I need to know, the knowledge will be shown in front of me through various sources just to have that right click. With this constant connection with the Divine, you can no longer be lazy because the divine energy starts flowing in you such that you will take up more responsibility as a spiritual activist. The more you make yourself available to Existence, the greater wisdom gets showered on you. How cool is that?

In the samyama practice, there would be many people having different spiritual experiences and expressing different powers. As a conduit for the Divine, I just celebrate this new possibility in the human consciousness without any sense of jealousy. This is because in the space of Advaita (non-duality), I just know that everything is in me and I am in everything – everything is an extension of me. A breakthrough in the individual consciousness is equivalent to a shift in the collective consciousness!

The space in which I relate with children has also taken a big shift after the initiation. I  enjoy their pure innocence and playfulness. A new intelligence of relating with them through love, listening and authenticity is getting expressed, simply the kids start imbibing the spiritual teaching of integrity and authenticity. There is one child with autism and seizure, I was overjoyed by his breakthrough when he was able to respond with friendliness.

Two weeks ago I had the fortune of attending a 3rd-eye completion session with Ma Nithyadevi, a disciple of Swamiji. In that 4-hour session with her, it became clear to me that with awakened 3rd eye, whatever I experience is only the grace of the Guru and learning to surrender everything – both negative thoughts and positive thoughts at His feet is the only way to continue to be empty and available for Him. It is almost like learning a new divine language to relate with the Unknown. A language which seems very alien to the common men of the intellectual society because we have been taught to assert of individuality and freedom. But deep in my heart, I know this is the oldest language since time immemorial because it is the way to be in communion with the Whole. Dissolving the ego of the small ‘i’ by surrendering everything at the Divine’s feet is the only way to become empty again and again for Existence to flow through me.

In essence, if you are interested to explore the God dimension of you, awakening your 3rd eye is the key to experience the higher reality beyond illusion and delusion of the normal eyes. You will need to find a living master who can initiate you into this power safely without any side-effects. I did it and I am enjoying the new adventurous ride of my life! Namaste. 😀

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