Yesterday I was reading the notes of Yoga Sutras 181 & 182 by the great sage, Patanjali as interpreted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) and I found so many clicks which could help humanity become aware of the workings of the mind and how we can raise ourselves to our peak possibility.

Here are some sacred truths about the human mind that you need to grasp:

By the nature of the mind, it jumps from this to that and that to this and goes on and on. The mind is the jump between consciousness and thought. It is the constant jump that we do and we justify it due to our own ignorance of trusting the mind and others’ minds which lead us into suffering and you blame Existence or God. It is like you drink the poison and you expect your enemy to die. By blaming God, you are not going to destroy the real enemy – which is your unstable MIND.

Instead of suspecting your mind, you go on suspecting your consciousness. You go on suspecting the ultimate truth of life instead of giving interpretations to those truths. The mind which can’t perceive its Origin and extension at a time. But instead of suspecting the mind which can’t perceive the Source and its extension at a time, you go on suspecting the consciousness who can perceive end to end, who is an embodiment of Existence.

If only you could bring awareness and start doubting the cunningness of your mind, it will bring so much healing within you. Swamiji says “Lubrication is your doubt about the mind and understanding its limitation in grasping its origin. with this limited and incompetent mind, we create so many things. We decide many ideas about our self, relationships, goals, life and Existence. I feel the whole planet earth is like a huge mad house except a few enlightened beings. The moment you start doubting your mind’s cognisance and conclusions, you will straight away be led to enlightenment. After the doubt, you will lead to better decisions.

Swamiji gave the great principle of uncertainty in the Yoga Sutra 182. He said that the only way to escape from your mind is to doubt every conclusion which the mind brings to you, before acting on it. Then, the whole problem will become – how can I run anything? Wake up and doubt all the decisions, then after the doubt you will be able to act properly. This is the great principle of uncertainty. When you sit, your mind will create a thought. Start doubting – Is this real? Is this ME? Is this the source of ME? What is this? Bring doubt into your very existence which is uncertainty.

Another truth is – “I AM, therefore I think” means that thinking should be the radiation of I AM. Your mind should be the radiation of the consciousness. If it is the radiation of consciousness, it will radiate the qualities of consciousness and your body will be express the qualities of consciousness.

Swamiji shared his experience that only when he achieved an extraordinary physical flexibility and health, he respected his body and started going deeper. By dwelling deeper into his consciousness, he found the self-illuminating Self. Only when our body is in peak state, we will have the respect for body and move to mind, only when we have the respect for mind, we will move to consciousness and understand “I AM, therefore I think”. We won’t know the glory of our body and mind until our mind reaches its peak with authenticity. We will not experience our inner Self till our body and mind work at its peak by being highly productive and creative to society. Your mind should be alive and aware, creative, contributing 24 hours, only then you start to have respect for yourself. Then you can look beyond the body & mind which is consciousness (Brahman). When Brahman is not realised, you are committing the Brahman dosha – the sin of destroying consciousness. Do not think you can experience ‘I AM” – Brahman, without having the complete respect for your mind & body. The thinking should be the radiation of consciousness. Naturally, your body should be radiating the qualities of consciousness.

Without creating a highly creative and productive mind, if you are thinking that you can achieve the highest conscious state, any action or thought you cherish that will lead to highest consciousness is useless. So the sacred secret is to create a highly flexible and healthy body as well as a highly creative and productive mind, this will lead you to experience ‘I AM”. Most of people are caught in corporate mental setup instead of being highly creative and productive.

In essence, a sick body and a sick mind cannot liberate you, only with a healthy body and mind that you can experience the consciousness beyond the body-mind. Let both your body and mind be in its peak state of health and peak creativity regardless whether you are earning a salary or not. The bio-memory energy flowing in your system should propel the creativity that lead you to experience your ultimate Self. Namaste 😀