I’ve just manifested a new reality which I would have thought as something impossible in the past! I am going to be trained personally by a living avatar (Paramahamsa Nithyananda, fondly known as Swamiji) together with a group of disciples in a program called Nithyananda Yogam for 3 months as part of my next spiritual expansion and possibility. It is the most blessed gift by an enlightened master to his disciples.

How did I manifest it?

I am really thrilled to share with you the science of manifestation as taught by my Guru. There are a few important sacred secrets expounded by Swamiji that you need to know before you begin.

  • Manifestation is a science. Manifestation is a science of consciously altering the reality as we want and experience the reality as we want. It is one of the oldest sciences in Vedic tradition (a tradition which is based on Vedas – true knowledge).
  • Awaken your individual consciousness. Before anyone can manifest anything consciously in the outer world, be it wealth, health, fulfilling relationships or enlightenment, there is one important spiritual step which an individual absolutely must go through i.e. to awaken his/her individual consciousness (also known as Pratyagatma Chaitanya Jagrata in Sanskrit). This means your inner potential energy (Kundalini Shakti) is awakened by an enlightened guru. In Vedic culture, a master is a being who makes you experience your consciousness which you never knew you had it. He is a new possibility in your life, an invitation to awaken new possibilities and rekindle a new inspiration in you. In 21-day Inner Awakening spiritual retreat conducted by Swamiji which I had attended, he awakens the Kundalini energy of the participants to manifest new possibility.
  • Make a conscious decision. The first step to manifest a new possibility is to decide that you want it. A decision is like sending a signal to Cosmos for it to cause your reality. When I received the email invitation to the program, I was flattered to be one of the chosen ones. It took me one day to decide that I wanted to be there no matter what!
  • Visualise your desire in your inner space. “SPACE” is bringing your future possibility into the present. Your inner-space is equivalent to a womb (known as Chidambara, Chidakasha, Hiranya Garbha in Sanskrit). The way a child can grow in a mother’s womb, in the same way, you can grow whatever you want in your inner-space and it can be made into reality, it can be delivered! A “space” is created by strongly visualizing that what your desire has already become a reality. For my case, I just imagined I am already there in Nithyananda Yogam program in the courtyard of Swamiji listening to the truths as one of his disciples. I visualised what I want is already present, I am already there. Creating space is like making the balloon which is the “visualization”.
  • Infuse energy with intensity. After creating the balloon, infusing air into it is the next part which is like infusing the “energy” for the reality to manifest. Any negative thought which opposes this intention for e.g. How will my family respond? How can they manage while I am away? What about the commitments to my students? I just complete with them and drop them at Swamiji’s feet. In Vedic tradition, the feet of the Guru are the symbol of worship. I didn’t entertain any thought current which pulled me away from this manifestation. Swamiji said “Intensity means fighting with your own patterns. If you are fighting with your own patterns, you are being intense. If you are fighting with others patterns, it means you are in-tension, not intense! Fighting with your patterns is intensity; fighting with others patterns is tension. You fighting with your own patterns is peace. You fighting with others’ patterns is war!” I could see clearly the pattern of conditioning I was caught in with this situation, and I decided to break away from my own pattern. I was literally prepared to give up anything in my life, that was the extent of my intensity to create this reality.
  • Take responsibility for it. Anything you create in your inner-space and ready to take the responsibility for it, if you deserve what you desire, you will be showered by it! So I took the responsibility to plan the necessary steps and act on the steps so as to bring myself closer to the reality – like renewing my passport, informing my family and students of my decision and complete with my commitment, booking of my flight, applying for my India visa etc. There was no moment of procrastination or hesitation whatsoever, I just kept moving every step along the way in the chronological planning.

When you are so single-minded with your decision, all the ‘perceived’ obstacles move out of your way as you manifest what you want. I am speaking from my own personal experience by applying the science of manifestation. Swamiji once said that a man, who manifests consciously knowing the science, plays with life. His life becomes a divine play, just like many mystics, enlightened beings and incarnations such as Mahadeva, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Buddha and many more. The more you play with this science, the more you are able to play with life just the way as you want it. When I fitted myself into my life’s purpose and decide to take responsibility for my life as well as bringing completion about it, this process awakens Eshwaratva (power of leading) in me.

In essence, everyone can learn the Vedic science of manifestation and start creating your own reality. It is time-tested, a fool-proof way to live powerfully like a divine being on planet earth. Namaste 😀