Did you watch the movie Matrix?

In this movie, the hero, Neo tried to get himself out of the clutches of the matrix. This movie was actually inspired by the sacred knowledge in Vedic tradition which revealed about the Maya (illusion) we are all caught in.

According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living avatar (fondly known as Swamiji), he gave a discourse of the 25 states of consciousness in a Jeeva (individual soul), 11 dimensions of Jagat (Universe) and 5 aspects of Eshwara (Sadashiva, the Supreme Awakened Being who is responsible for both the Manifest & Unmanifest).

Catch the essence here:

  • Due to the delusory association with physical, physiological, psychological and neurological ups and downs, an individual soul goes through 25 states of consciousness. This false association happens after a long time of staring at physical physiological psychological neurological ups and downs, the soul starts feeling it is that. That feeling is the reason for the 25 altered states of consciousness. The more and more of false identifications, it is called Delusion. If you are getting more clarity, it is called ‘Living Enlightenment’. This false identification of the individual Soul forms the basis of the Maya Matrix.
  • Next, the 11 dimensions of the Jagat (Universe), whatever, you think, understand, perceive, master, it is all within the frame of length-breadth-depth; all your good-bad, all your right-wrong, all your suffering-pleasures, all your suffocation-Bliss, everything is within the length-breadth-depth. Your verbalization is the length; your visualization is breadth; your cognition is depth. That is why sound is always measured as frequency, your verbalization is the dimension of the length in the cosmos, which is operating inside you in the form of Verbalization. The length dimension of the Brahmanda (Macrocosm) quantumly operates in the Pindanda (Microcosm) as verbalization. Length aspect of Macrocosm, vibrates in you, in the Microcosm, as verbalization. So anything you do to your verbalization, you can do to the length of the Brahmanda. Length of the Brahmanda-Macrocosm quantumly operates as a verbalization of the Pindanda-Microcosm. Whatever is in Brahmanda operates in you as Pindanda, the Microcosm. Whatever is in the Macrocosm reflects in the Microcosm. Whatever is in the Brahmanda is in the Pindanda. So, through the Pindanda, you can manifest what you want in Brahmanda. The one end of the Macrocosm is you, the other end of the rope, which is in the Macrocosm can be manipulated and manifested as you want. The same rope is vibrating quantumly in the Macrocosm-Brahmanda, as the dimension of length.
  • Similarly, what functions in the Microcosm-Pindanda as visualization, in the Brahmanda in the Macrocosm is breadth.
  • What functions in you as cognitions i.e. how you cognize yourself, your inner-image, in Pindanda-Microcosm, that same cognition vibrates as the dimension of depth in the Macrocosm. That is why, your inner-image matters for your life. What you attract, what you manifest, how you live matters! Hence never allow a lower Inner-image in you. There is nobody has the right to judge you. Accepting a low inner-image is arrogance. Lower inner-image can be established only in arrogance. If you do not have arrogance, lower inner-image cannot sustain itself in you. Understand only if there is a fertile sand land, a seed can have a grip and grow. That is why all arrogant people have a lower inner-image. A low self-inner-image means quantumly, you are sending the signal to Macrocosm to keep you in the lower depth of the cosmic dimensions. Your verbalization directly affects the length dimension of the cosmos. Your visualization directly affects the breadth dimension of the cosmos. Your cognition about you directly affects the depth dimension of the cosmos. So the visualizations and verbalizations triggered by the higher inner-image are the most important basic things to attract length- breadth-depth of the Macrocosm to do good to you. That is the greatest operation any conscious Being should be doing in the life, as a first priority. This is the science of Shakthi (Powers).
  • The Soul quantumly working with Universe is the science of manifesting Shakthis (powers). Soul quantumly working with Supreme Awakened Being (Eshwara) is the science of experiencing SadaShivoham, experiencing the state of God, expressing the status of God. Experiencing the state of God is Sadashivatva; expressing the status of God is Eshwarathva. There are 5 aspects of Eshwara: the creation (Srishti), protection (Sthiti), destruction (Vinasa), enjoying delusion (Tirobhava), liberation (Anugraha). Anywhere you feel deluded, suffering, suffocated, tortured, go back to the source of those decisions.
  • With this upgraded intelligence, remembering the context of why you started, what you started is Anugraha (liberation). Forgetting the context is Tirobhava (delusion). To remind all of us with the context, SadaShiva happens as a Guru. It is the nature of human beings to resist expansion. Incarnations happen on the planet earth to remind that they have possibilities. That is why, again and again, they are doubted and resisted because they are trying to remind us of that possibility in us which we neither saw nor wanted to see – because it awakens us.
  • Swamiji explains “There is a dreaming you and a waking you; when you remember the waking you, the dreaming you merges into the waking you. That’s when you wake up and move to the waking you. This is a very important truth. In the waking state you exist as somebody, and in the dream state you exist as somebody. The moment you remember the YOU of the waking state, the person who is dreaming wakes up. It is actually the waking state person who enters into the dream person, removes you from the dream and wakes you up. In the same way, Sadashiva, the supremely awakened being, is You. You entering into this waking state person and moving you to that awakened state, is what I call seeking. Authentic seeking is nothing but remembering your highest possibilities in life. Waking up from the lower slumber, from the dream state, is seeking. This is the definition of maturity. When we understand that our dreams can only offer us so much, we naturally wake up from them. Likewise, understanding that living without awareness can only offer us so much, is also maturity of the soul. The highest state of being, Sadashivoham, can only be achieved through seeking, constantly waking up to higher and higher possibilities.”

If you are seriously interested to get out of the Maya matrix you created unconsciously due to the false associations of the ups and downs, I invite all of you to the next Inner Awakening called Sadashivoham 2016 which is happening on Dec 1-21 in Bengaluru, India to be conducted personally by Swamiji himself. See you there! Namaste 😀