How many people get to spend 3 months in the breathing space of a living incarnation (avatar)?

I am one of the 92 blessed beings from a database of 17,000 devotees specially handpicked by my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) to be part of this 3-month program called Nithyananda Yogam. This program was designed by Swamiji to give the participants a glimpse of the mystical yet divine experience he had with his Guru, Arunagiri Yogeswhara (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) at the age of 9. The space of deep love and devotion in a casual setting which he revered with Arunagiri Yogeswhara, Swamiji is opening up this sweet space for us to have a taste of this unique Guru-disciple relationship. Literally we get to live with him in his breathing space in his courtyard called Adikaranandi in this campus. I belong to the second batch of Nithyananda Yogam called Navaratri batch since the program started before the celebration of Navaratri (9 nights of celebrating Cosmic Mother).

Having spent the last 4 weeks here with a living avatar in his very breathing space, I can’t help but want to share my extraordinary experiences so far.

Basically Swamiji has compassionately opened his private space to us during these 3 months for us to live around him. I was told some of the adheenamvashis (people who stay in the adheenam) do not even get to step into his courtyard. Here we are literally we eat with him savouring all the healthy sattvic meals cooked from Bhagas Shastras (cookbook by Lord Shiva). He taught us many sacred truths which can only be shared with close disciples, not even in Inner Awakening program. He showers us with different initiations and alchemy processes into different shaktis (powers) because he wants us to manifest powers and radiate him. There are days, we witness how he trains his team of sannyasis (people who renounced the worldly life to devote life to Sadashiva). In the ferociousness to awaken their patterns or incompletions, you can sense this underlying deep compassion he has for each being for their evolution. In sum, we were given the opportunity to become his private life partners, living and enjoying his blissful presence.

By the 3rd day, I got a big click that I am living with his growing global extended family and experiencing his enormously vast space to accommodate all kinds of beings in this campus. Each one of us connects with Swamiji in different bhavas (ways of relating with divine) – whether as a mother, a father, a teacher, a friend, a child etc. We learn to work together as a team, in the process each one of us gets to be chiselled like a rough stone tumbling down the River Ganga so that we emerge as bana-linga (a stone which is sacred symbol of worshipping Lord Shiva). The constant Me-Me-Me mentality of self-centeredness which we pick up from the societal conditioning starts to lose its hold on us. Everyone is working towards the path of establishing in the state of Sadashivoham (I am Divine). Being in this program has certainly given me the best opportunity to be trained by Swamiji personally. I couldn’t have asked for more!

The second transformation I experienced was a major shift in my ability to cause others’ reality with Swamiji’s help of using alchemy products like Jnananjana (knowledge eyeliner) and Kulisa Garbha (energised storehouse of both primordial energies, Shiva and Adi-shakti). I used to resist causing because I didn’t have the right context of causing and my will arrogance was stopping me from taking up this important spiritual practice. But I was a part of the causing team for Sadashivoham (a 21-day special alchemy based spiritual program) happening in December 1-21. Sadashivoham, to be conducted by Swamiji, is all about upgrading ourselves to the peak possibilities by experiencing 25 states of consciousness by a soul (Jeeva), 11 dimensions of Universe (Jagat) and 5 roles of Sadashiva (Supreme consciousness). In the last one month, I began to have a deeper insight into causing. I played with the powers which Swamiji had initiated us, I shifted people’s negative space to a space of possibilities and eventually causing their reality, and I also learned how to listen to people’s incompletions such as fear, problems and the play of their cunning mind. I learned to be solutions-driven using all kinds of spiritual tools available to move them forward. Ultimately, I experience the immense joy of causing someone’s reality by helping them to jump out of their perceived limitations using Will Persistence against the maya matrix (illusion and delusion).

Finally, I discovered that whatever that had enriched me so far and many truths yet to unfold within me, will be taking me to the next level of expansion. It feels that I’ve left the cocoon living at home, and I am seeing this expanding inner space in a way that I start to grasp the overall large vision of Swamiji’s mission and the purpose he happened. From the understanding, alignment in my time, energy and life starts to happen spontaneously without struggles. I just know I shall be a part of this global cause to revive the science of living enlightenment on the planet earth.

Last but not last, I really want to invite all of my readers and friends not to miss Sadashivoham program in December which will give you the experience of being in the presence of a living avatar. It is in this program that you liberate yourself from maya matrix (illusions) by going through the alchemy process of transforming a normal human being to a divine being.  Namaste 😀

For more details about Sadashivoham, click this link