Do you know that many of the common diseases like high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, heart and liver diseases can be cured?

From the statistics Global Health Observatory (GHO), globally the overall prevalence of raised blood pressure in adults aged 25 and over was around 40% in 2008. The proportion of the world’s population with high blood pressure, or uncontrolled hypertension, fell modestly between 1980 and 2008. However, because of population growth and ageing, the number of people with uncontrolled hypertension rose from 600 million in 1980 to nearly 1 billion in 2008. The recent World health statistics 2012 report also showed the growing problem of the non-communicable diseases burden. One in three adults worldwide, according to the report, has raised blood pressure – a condition that causes around half of all deaths from stroke and heart disease. One in 10 adults has diabetes.

Psychosomatic diseases of the body such as high blood pressure, diabetics, heart & liver disorders, etc. are based on mental problems – a disturbed mind which causes a physical imbalance in the body. Any psychosomatic disorder has no medicinal cure, the so-called allopathy (Western medicine) can only postpone, sedate or bring other side-effects to the patients, but never a permanent cure.

Now, imagine millions of people in this world, who are suffering from these psychosomatic diseases, getting healed by Vedic Science, a system of true knowledge based on the contributions from a lineage of enlightened masters, inner world scientists and alchemists. Vedic Science, by far is the most advanced in terms of understanding of human mind and its mental patterns. For centuries, it has led many seekers to the highest possibility of experiencing the no-mind state (nirodha parinamah) and ultimately merging in oneness with the Source (Advaita). In the recent years, the Western scientists are beginning to bridge the gaps between Eastern wisdom and Western modern science. It would take the Western Modern scientists a long time to play catch up.

According to a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), he revealed that “The only medicine for psychosomatic diseases is integrity. Integrity is fulfilling a word or thought you give yourself and to others, and experiencing the sweetness of poornatwa, completion with yourself and life. With integrity you start owning your body. Only when you are integrated with the words you utter to outside and inside, you assert that you are the owner of your body. Asserting yourself as the owner of your body is the first step for health. Whenever a disease happens, see very clearly you give up on your body. Integrity brings ownership of the body. The clarity of words within you which removes the knots of unwanted words alone is the solution to psychosomatic disorders. When you start living with integrity, the first thing is your body and mind will resolve the health problems.

Integrity is a powerful spiritual principle which weeds out all the contradictory thoughts and the negative commitments in our inner space. Take for example the disease of diabetes. It is not true that you should inherit the diabetes disease of your ancestors. It is a false belief, only if you continuously repeat the negative thoughts within you, you will inherit the disease. When you lack the integrity with your body and purpose of birth, you start indulging in wrong food patterns and the pattern of running behind thoughts and desires which will not bring you fulfilment in life. The moment you can align your thinking with clarity about owning the body by taking responsibility to drop all the negative thought patterns and only work on your true desires, simply good health and strong mind happen naturally. Only if you are clear about yourself, you will do it with respect to yourself and others. When you are able to fulfil your words to others, they will have respect for you. The same principle applies to yourself – the more you honour the words you give to yourself, the more self-confidence you will have.

The disease of hypertension is related to a pattern of shrinking feeling caused by fear and feeling that one’s survival is challenged. The fear causes a panic attack which agitates the heart. Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought or panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something, listen to your heart, listen to your blood pressure, listen to your liver; they will really help you! You will learn listening. Only with listening you will be able to catch your thought current and start ironing out all the wrong cognitions with integrity, simply fears will just lose its power over you.

In essence, all our victory, our relationships, our physical health, the strength of mind, everything is totally dependent on the commitments we give to our self and to others. The very basis of life itself is the words since words form the basis of our life structure. If we stand with integrity, life will elevate us and give us confidence and the energy of possibility will happen. Live with integrity; otherwise life is not worth living. Namaste 😀

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