What is karma?

According to a living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), he said that Karma is anything which is left inside us incomplete, asking us for attention, for completion, and forcing us to go through that again and again. He also added that karma is nothing but the incomplete patterns brought from previous births as well as the new patterns accumulated from this birth.

Basically, there are three kinds of karmas. First, the Prarabdha is the karmas you brought with you to exhaust in this life. Second is Agamya which is the karmas you accumulated in this life. Lastly, Sanchita is the karmas you have saved for janmas (lifetimes). You cannot do anything with Sanchita karma, Sanchita can be melted or burnt only by an enlightened master or Guru working directly on it. You can work on first 2 karmas: Agamya and Prarabdha. Prarabdha karma is more like thoughts, engrams and patterns. Agamya karma is more like muscle-memory and bio-memory, which have become a part of you. Agamya karma itself has two parts – one is doing the actions in unawareness which bring suffering, and second is the pattern of doing such actions continuously and accumulating more Agamya, knowing it brings suffering.

For example, you know that by getting angry or irritated, you are going to suffer, but you still do it. This constant pattern of doing action and accumulating karma, even though you know it is wrong, is also Agamya. This what we call as Agamya#2 – the pattern of doing action and accumulating, even when you know it is dangerous for you. If you look into people with sexual habit patterns, drinking and addiction problems, you will understand what I mean! So if you work on this strong pattern of knowingly accumulating Agamya, you can break that one pattern. Stop the Agamya of Agamya, that is the essence of handling all Karmas. That is the only way to save yourself from all the karmas.

All you need to do in your life, anything you do, do out of completion, do it completely, so that everything leaves you so that you feel complete! The incompletions you create in this life is Prarabdha Karma. And the root-pattern which goes on creating incompletions is Agamya Karma. Bio-memory which supports multiple root-patterns is Sanchita Karma. Agamya Karma means accumulated karmas. Prarabdha Karma means brought karmas. Sanchita Karma means gathered from the beginning of Time through all the births.

Swamiji also revealed that once we complete the root patterns accumulated in this birth, the past life patterns will automatically get released through completion. Once we get out of the root patterns, we will be out of all karmas.

What is root pattern?

The first attack of any strong emotion happening in you and imbalancing your whole cognition, imbalancing your whole cognition, giving birth to your mind, the pattern you developed from that moment, is “root-pattern”.

It can be anything as simple as your mother did not give you the cake but gave it to your brother or as traumatic as a sexual abuse! It may be as simple as your mother making you sit on the dining table so that you will not run around and mess things; your brother chasing you into a room and trying to beat you; or you tried your best but failed in your exam or some competition. It can be even that small! But when a powerlessness takes you over first time in your life, and your cognition is imbalanced, mind is born, the pattern which you develop at that time is “root-pattern”. That is the root on which the mind is born.

The incompletions you accumulate every day is Prarabdha Karma. Root-pattern which goes on creating incompletions is Agamya Karma. Bio-memory which supports these root-patterns is Sanchita Karma. Each day if you complete without any incompletions, you will be left with no Prarabdha Karma. Person who is complete with the Prarabdha Karma, even though you are complete with the Prarabdha Karma, because the root is there, the pattern is there which can go on creating incompletions because Agamya karma is there.

If you understand these three levels of Karma, you will have lot of clarity about life, how the completion is such a powerful process to get out of incompletions, get out of karmas. All karmas are nothing but incompletions.

All phobias like fear of snake, height, lizard etc., are nothing but the incompletions you carry. If you find the root-pattern from where the fear started in you and complete that root-pattern, you will be free from the phobia. All phobias are nothing but our incompletions. Some phobias came from past life incompletions.

How can I complete past life incompletions?’

When you find all the root-patterns of this life and complete, you will see the past life patterns are getting released through your system, getting expressed through your system. When you complete this life’s root-patterns, automatically past life root-patterns will start getting expressed. When they are expressing, look into those past life patterns, find their root and complete. You will be relieved from the phobias/doshas, the karmas based on the past life incompletions. Completion of past life karmas is not something too big, all it requires is a little maturity.

In essence, start completing with your karmas and stop accumulating more Agamya karmas, simply all the past lives’ karmas will also start getting complete by the grace of the Guru. Exhausting all the karmas is the first step towards living enlightenment, you start living in the space of perpetual completion (poornatva). Namaste. 😀

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