Do you tie knots in your life which suffocate you?

I am reminded of a beautiful story about Buddha and his disciples by a living avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji):-

One day Budhha arrived for his usual morning discourse with his disciples. He had a knotted handkerchief in his hand. He showed it to the disciples and asked if any one of them could come up and untie the knot. One disciple went up and tried to untie it. He pulled and pulled, the knot tightened further. Another disciple went up, he looked at the knot for a few seconds and easily untied it. All he did was look at the knot and immediately he knew how the knot was created in the first place. So, he just reversed the whole thing and untied it. The knot itself taught him how to untie it.

Same way, our negative patterns and incompletions are nothing but the knots in the handkerchief. If we look at a pattern with awareness, we will see exactly how it was created, so you will understand the right way to ‘untie’ it. The knot or pattern itself will show you the way out of it!

You may ask – What are incompletions?

Incompletion is a hangover from any action that remains unfulfilled as per our fantasy, either due to hindrance from the outside world or from within. This can be either with ourselves or with another person. Incompletions are literally knots we tied in our inner space.

Let me share a couple of cases which I encountered this week. The first person who came to me was a lady who is under treatment for breast cancer. Although her cancer is right now under controlled, she feels weak most of the time. She is also suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of chronic anxiety. Her incompletion with her body and fears of many things in life are the knots which bind her.

The second case was a gentleman who basically shut down himself from life due to his incompletion with relationships. He is unable to form meaningful relationship with his mother, friends or colleagues because he was carrying the thought pattern that ‘life is cruel, heartless, life humiliates me’ from his bad childhood experiences. Deep down, he feels alone in the world despite of having a loving wife and adorable children.

From each case, you need to understand that all sources of pain – anger, agitation, restlessness – are knots of incompletion. Swamiji once shared the secret of pain – “When your finger is fractured, every spot you touch is going to seem painful. Same way, then you are carrying a lot of knots of incompletions inside you, everything in life will appear painful. Life itself is not pain! The finger with which you are touching life is causing the pain. So look in, the solution is you need to heal the finger, not try to change life!” Healing the finger is the Science of completion (Poornatwa).

One silly mistake we tend to make in any difficult situation or crisis is we think that by escaping from the situation, we can come out of the fear. But again and again, life will teach us that only by completing with fear knots will we get out of any fear – never by escaping from the situation. Don’t settle for the easiest solution, instead look for a permanent solution. With incompletions, till we learn the lesson, life is not going to leave us alone! As long as you flow with life, nothing hurts. Only when you carry incompletion which stops the flow, only when there is some resistance, you feel the pain.

Do you know that  whenever we talk from incompletions, naturally someone will talk from their incompletions? This is because we always respond to other people’s problems by pouring our own problems and incompletion on them. But we can never destroy incompletion with incompletion, it is only by acting from the space of completion can we heal the other person and heal ourselves too.

The moment you understand the unconscious knots you have created in your life, start completing with them, let the source of the problems melt away. That way you will be able to get out of the powerlessness and suffering.

Swamiji revealed that the whole life is like a wish-fulfilling tree, we called Kalpataru in sanksrit! The ideas that we carry about ourselves and life, either positive or negative, are constantly getting fulfilled, whether we realise it or not. We manifest what we believe, not what we desire. The whole universe is a constant “Tathaastu – so be it!” So it is important you undo the knots by completing with all the negative words and thoughts you are carrying inside you from the past. Declare completion with integrity, you will not only be free from the bondages in life, you will also be able to create a new future for yourself. Namaste 😀