On this Labour Day, for the first time I conducted a workshop outside of Singapore on the topic, “Experience Your Divinity”. I had the fortune of sharing the sacred knowledge of Divine Feminine Consciousness with a group of beautiful women in Hong Kong.

How was this workshop conceived?

As some of you may be aware from my earlier articles, when my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) spoke about Divine Feminine Consciousness in 2009, it hit me like a lightning bolt because something clicked within me very deeply.

Let me introduce the science of Mother Worship.

From the undisturbed existence of pure consciousness, a primal alteration happens – two inseparable yet distinct aspects of existence emerge. The two tattwas (principles) are the Siva Tattwa and Sakthi Tattwa. They are the beginning of cosmic evolution. Both aspects remain ever present, every prevalent and cannot exist without the other. They are also known as Purusha (cosmic spirit) and Prakrithi (the cosmic substance). Prakrithi, the cosmic substance is the divine feminine consciousness that is responsible for everything you see and experience. In each one of us, there is an energy which constantly gives birth. Anything you see and experience belongs to mother energy. Worshipping this energy is called the mother worship. Mother worship is unique to Vedic tradition, it is a gift to planet earth. All sacred things are looked upon as feminine in Vedic traditions. Expression is feminine energy, all other adjustments for this expression are masculine energy. The source of divine or creation is mother energy. Only mother energy can give liberation. Whenever mother energy is added to you, you experience enlightenment. Whenever Kundalini shakti (inner potential energy) is awakened in you, you experience a unique feminine mood/feeling i.e. you give birth to yourself. You become the cosmic mother – Devi.

Unfortunately, many religions dare not worship the mother dimension of Divine. They think God is a male! When they don’t understand the truth about the Source (Unmanifest) and the Manifest – both are different dimensions of one Universal Spirit, they start to suppress the passive and creative aspect which is the divine feminine consciousness.

Our society has become too male-oriented and because of this mental setup, we think life is masculine – aggressive and pleasure-seeking. The truth is life is deeply passive and feminine. One of the biggest calamities that happened to human civilization is that women are asked to work and make a living like men, for which they are not created. The contribution they were supposed to play in nurturing the next generation and expression of creativity didn’t happen. Women have a better role to play on raising the collective human consciousness; women are living models and examples of intense passive life energy. They need to remind the planet earth again and again about living enlightenment by their very life. When they are conditioned by society and are made to create infrastructure, that priority of awakening the divine feminine consciousness is lost. The model of awakening the humanity is lost and the divine lifestyle is lost. That is why so many women fall into depression by the time they hit 30’s or 40’s as they are not hardwired to create infrastructure. Unless we are able to remove depression in women, the society cannot evolve to higher consciousness.

This understanding fundamentally gave me the click why so many women are suffering from non-fulfilment and depression in their lives. When I started Your Presence Heals as my gift to the world, I’ve decided that I will enrich women and children. By the grace of Swamiji, I also discovered that I carry the bio-memory of Cosmic Mother – Devi Durga, I have the power to open up this knowledge and experiences to as many women as possible.

In the recent workshop in Hong Kong, through the sharing of the ladies, they were able to experience the creative aspect of their divinity which has been suppressed for a long time. One lady shared that she never thought that a human being could be divine. A new dimension opened up in her to explore. Another lady saw how this experience broke the rules and the logical way of expressing art as taught in school. She experienced a flow of creativity when she allowed herself to connect to this energy. Another lady had a major breakthrough in discovering her feminine energy as she has always functioned in a logical way in a male-dominated society such as Hong Kong. They were all surprised to have a spiritual experience of a deep realization and the power of divine feminine consciousness just in 2-hr workshop.

From their sincere feedback, it gave me great confidence that this is going to be a great gift to many women out there who are seeking to discover their divinity and experience healing from the clutches of society. I am truly thrilled about this new power (Shakti) in me which is going to make millions of women awaken the suppressed dimension of their very existence. Namaste 😀

Note: Note: The next ‘Experience Your Divinity’ workshop will happen on 29th June in Singapore and 10th July in Hong Kong.