Yesterday, I read a Facebook post from a devotee whose mother had suffered a stroke in the morning early this week and fainted. She has been having this fainting spell for years. The doctors had diagnosed her condition as brain anaurysm. This devotee prayed to the master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) to extend her mother’s life. Two days later, her mother gained consciousness. She underwent a brain surgery and the next day, she was able to sit up and started talking and cracking up. By the sheer trust by this devotee, her mother had a miraculous recovery which surprised her family members.

Five years ago, I encountered had a similar incident with my father. His kidney started failing and he was suffering from massive internal bleeding. The doctors couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of the internal bleeding despite many packs of blood transfusion. He stayed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 6 weeks, each day we saw energy leaving his body and he became only a skeleton. We were told to prepare for his imminent death. But I didn’t give up and each day I would visit him to do the 108 times of chanting of the Guru Mantra. After 7 days of continuous chanting, my father’s condition miraculously started to improve, the internal bleeding suddenly stopped and his body started to respond to the medical treatment. After a week, he was transferred from ICU to normal ward and 1 week later, he was able to be discharged from the hospital. I couldn’t fathom this miracle as it was truly beyond the human logic, I can only say that at that time I just had a complete trust in my Guru that he would take care of my father and do the needful.

Here is another beautiful story about power of trust from Swamiji’s book titled ‘108 New-Clear Bombs‘ which I like to share with you.

There was a man with a few disciples, he was not enlightened. He was just guiding the boys. A new disciple joined the group one day. He was so humble, so pure and authentic, that the other disciples became jealous of him. They felt he would be the master’s successor. There was a lot of politics, and they decided to somehow finish him off.

One day they said to him: “If you really believe in the master, can you jump off that cliff there? If your trust is true, no harm can happen to you.”

The disciple readily agreed and went and jumped off the cliff. The rest of them rushed down almost five hundred feet below into the valley. They went to pick up his scattered bones. But he was sitting there in lotus posture, looking very blissful. He opened his eyes and said:” You are right, trust saves! Thank you for helping me understand this truth.”
The other disciples thought it must be some coincidence, and they created another plot to kill him. A house caught fire one day and people were trying to rescue those who were trapped inside the house. They told him: “If you love and trust our master, go in and save the woman and the child who are trapped inside.”

The disciple rushed in and after a few minutes came out safely with the woman and her child. The others still did not give up. One day they were going somewhere, and they had to cross a river. They told him: “You need not go in the boat. You have such a great trust, you can just walk on the water.”

The disciple agreed and entered the river and started walking on the water. The others were simply shocked. That was the first time the master saw him. He was not aware that his disciple had been told to jump into the valley and told to go into the burning house. He saw him walking on the river and asked him: “What are you doing? It is impossible!’

The disciple replied:” It is not impossible at all! I am doing it because of the power of your name, master!’

The master then thought: “If my very name has the power to save this ignorant boy, then imagine who I am and what I can do!” With much arrogance, he got up and started to walk on the river and drowned.

From these real life encounters and story, I’ve learned that trust has amazing power as it works beyond our logic. Anything that works beyond logic is the direct truth. It never fails to amaze me again and again. The power of surrender is such that even if the being to whom you surrender is not enlightened, the power of surrender itself takes care of you! Namaste :D.