It has been 11 days since I returned from a life-transforming spiritual retreat called MahaSadashivoham with my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is a living Avatar (fondly known as Swamiji). Since the news of manifesting over 65 shaktis (powers) of Sadashiva (pure Super consciousness), I’ve been flooded with many global requests for body scanning, healing and spiritual solutions. In the process of manifesting the shaktis, I discovered an upgraded intelligence and a new lease of healing energy had been awakened in me.

During the retreat in December 2017, one of the participants from Singapore told me that his wife’s best friend from Vietnam had just been diagnosed with lung cancer which shook her entire world. Knowing that I was a cancer survivor after having read my eBook – ‘Cancer: A death sentence or a wake-up call? You decide’ last October, he approached me for help upon his wife’s request. Things happened so quickly, the next thing I realised the lady agreed to fly into Singapore to see me despite not knowing anything about Science of Vedic healing and how it would work without any medication or invasive treatment as prescribed normally by Allopathy (Western Medicine). Her best friend has been a great pillar of strength and support during this period of uncertainty and adversity. Fortunately, she trusted her best friend and jumped with a leap of faith.

She flew in to Singapore on 17th of January and the next day, she got a second opinion from local medical experts at Mount Elizabeth Hospital because the doctors in Vietnam were not able to give her a definitive diagnosis with explanation. The next day, she received the CT scan report confirming the stage 4 lung cancer which put a deadweight in her heart. That night, I finally met with her together with her best friend’s family. I shared with her the premise of Vedic Healing system and the various elements of the healing program which I designed for her. Essentially, I am working on the source of her dis-ease in her life and make her shift from a life-negative space into powerful and liberating cognitions. After 1.5 hour of listening, she decided to proceed with the healing program with me.

Basically, I put her on a very comprehensive 21-day healing program comprising: –
• A daily yoga routine which awakens her innate healing capability, strengthens her body immunity and improves the breathing pattern
• Sessions on identification of life-negative thought patterns from past hangovers and bringing them to completion. Her fears, stress from worries and anger from the demanding relationships need to be completed and give her a cognitive shift into powerful cognitions rooted in Vedic psychology and wisdom which is life-affirmative and liberating
• Sessions to relieve her emotional tension, calm her overly-stimulated nervous system and program her intention using Yoga Nidra and Sounds healing using the frequency of Nada Brahma
• As an initiated Nithya spiritual healer, I will also give her Nithya Spiritual Healing by connecting with Swamiji
• I will also play with a new shakti like shrinking her tumour in her lungs
• Through entanglemen, she will mirror my neurons and catch my muscle memory and bio memory of one who had already walked out of cancer successfully
• Sessions on understanding death and celebration of a graceful exit

On 19th of January, we had the first private session and I did a body scan for her of which she confirmed what the 3rd eye showed me. I guided her through the daily yoga routine, her best friend could see the change as her face brightened up at the end of the session. After the session, they proceeded to the hospital to collect the medical report, she was laughing a lot and became very positive in her decision to be healthy and alive again. Her best friend was very surprised by the quick shift in her friend’s space and cognition as compared to the first day when she arrived. She felt so blessed to be able to give her best friend hope and a new lease of life.

Yesterday, we started working on her past incompletions – the 3 incidents which she could remember were mostly fear-based. She was not able to remember the root incident which imbalanced her in early childhood but after several probing questions, I was thrilled to find out her root pattern – a jealousy created by her grandma who was her care-taker – something we are going to work on it the next coming day. I told her that I am very confident that she will be healed from her incompletion and cancer. She hasn’t felt so relaxed and happy for quite a long time.

I must say, by my Guru’s grace, this lady was sent to me to help me discover a new healing energy and at the same time, apply all the healing solutions I’ve learned in Vedic Science. I do not know honestly how this exploration is going to unfold, but I trust this is His grand plan for my next expansion. Namaste. 😀

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