Are you one of those people constantly trying to take short cuts in life?
Do you think you can hide the inauthentic actions from the presence of God?

Here is a beautiful story narrated by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) that will help us to realize the futility of cunningness in taking short cuts to enlightenment.

There was a Guru who had ten disciples. There was one chief disciple, someone who is very brilliant and highly spiritual, so naturally the Guru was giving more attention to that chief disciple.

Soon the jealousy started among other disciples. All the other disciples wanted to somehow defame the chief disciple who was getting too much of the master’s attention. Somehow, they wanted to move him out of the master’s attention.

The master also observed this underlying sentiment among his disciples. He observed everything: even though you think he sits with closed eyes! He observes all the absurdity which goes on when he is sitting with closed eyes – or when people think he is sitting with closed eyes!

One day, the Guru wanted all the other disciples to know why he was giving more importance to the sincere chief disciple. So, he called everybody and gave them a small test. He gave each of them a banana, telling them to go and eat it in a place where nobody would see them, where they were not observed by anybody. All the fellows ran here and there. One disciple ran behind the kitchen, one ran near the pond, one ran outside the gate, one went to hide in the temple. They all ate their banana and came back – except the chief disciple. He came back with the banana – without eating it.

All the disciples asked:” Why did you not find any place to eat your banana?”
The chief disciple just kept quiet.
Then the Guru asked: “Did you not find any place where nobody was observing you?”
The disciple said very beautifully: “Master, I am not able to find any place where God is not observing me, where God is not seeing me. I feel His presence everywhere.”

How many of you can relate with this story?

From this simple story, we understand that we can’t hide anything from God who is all-knowing, omnipresent and omnipotent. Especially if you are a sincere seeker, there is no short cut to spirituality or enlightenment. You drop this lack of integrity and decide to fall in tune with Super consciousness. To have this knowing, a clear intense awareness has to be imbibed in everything we do so that we can catch ourselves taking short cut. We have to iron out our cognitions 24/7 with a clear understanding, practising the presence of God in your body, mind and actions. Namaste 😀

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