Since February 2017, I’ve started a new online coaching module to aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs called “Be Your Own Boss” Coaching after being inspired by my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) while I was attending a 3-month training program called Nithyananda Yogam in Oct-Dec 2016.

After having conducted 5 batches, I decided to set up a Facebook support group for those budding entrepreneurs as a way to provide continuous coaching, inspirations and opportunity to learn from each other. In the last 2 reunion calls, we discussed very interesting topics on creation and sustenance of business. I applied some of the spiritual principles which I learned from Swamiji into the business. He said that the manifest and unmanifest components of Sadashiva (Super Consciousness) is part of you. The manifest is the five aspects of Sadashiva – Sadyojatam (Creation), Tatpurusham (Maintenance), Aghoram (Destruction), Vamadevam (Delusion), Ishanam (Liberation). We go through all the five modes.

Whenever you are in the mode of creation, if you add Integrity, you will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation. When you feel like doing something active – it can be your business, it can be manifesting wealth, it can be doing something for name and fame or it can be physically creating something like art, painting, drawing, even enlightenment – all these activities belong to creation. When you are in the creation mode, just bring Integrity to you, you will manifest Sadashiva—your creativity plus integrity is Sadāshiva’s creation energy, is Sadyoyata. Only from Satya (truth), anything can be born, Jāta means born. Sadyojata means born out of Integrity. Anything, which is born out of Integrity, only will stand forever. Hence, the creation face of Sadashiva is Sadyojata in all your creativity. Out of Satya, anything born, Sadyojata, anything born out of Integrity will stay forever and do good to you. We all have that creation mood in every one of us, that is Aham (I am). When you add Integrity to it, you will become Sadāshivoham (I am Sadashiva) in your creativity.

For Maintenance or Sustenance, bring Authenticity to your sustenance. Anything, which loses Authenticity, starts collapsing, and it needs to collapse. The earlier it collapses is good for the humanity, it means it is time for it to vacate the planet earth, the Existence. Anything, which retains its Authenticity continues to exist forever. Hence, if you want it to be alive, just retain its Authenticity; everything else will be taken care. Authenticity for a business means constant expansion, recreation of business, continuously evolving and engaging with people.

Another thing you should know about Lord of Maintenance, Vishnu and his consort, Devi Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth and abundance). Swamiji revealed that Devi Lakshmi sits on a 1,000 petals lotus and the 1,000 petals represent she is multi-dimensional. Hence anyone who embraces their multi-dimensional personality will carry wealth consciousness in them. The key take-out the group cognized was that wealth is expressed as the multi-dimensional personality of individuals. It is the continuous expansion that brings constant excitement in the multiple dimensions of each individual. The ability to bring Authenticity to all thought dimensions means stretching to one’s peak capacity.

Finally, we also discussed about the energy circuit which is responsible for expansion or  reproduction is the physical circuit. Reproduction is not limited to just giving birth to a child, even if you are teaching certain ideology which you live and make people live that ideology, that is also expansion. Expansion is reproducing, replicating more of one self in others, like doctor creates more doctors, millionaires creating more millionaires. Replicas of you are not competitors for you, they allow you to do more with new inspirations, new benefits to the world as a result of the unselfish enriching of your ideology.

In essence, we are beginning to discover the unfolding of the huge possibilities and exciting experiences as we apply these timeless spiritual principles into our business! Namaste 😀

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