Last weekend, I attended a mind-blowing 2-day workshop conducted by His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) on the topic ‘Cosmic Union through Tantra’.

There were so much clicks I received but one of the biggest clicks was realizing the first sexual abuse we receive below 7 years of age is always ideological, not physical. See, when a child is below 7 years old, he or she experiences himself or herself as a complete being with a genderless pure space. A complete being is always so much in love with the nature and he or she will never be abusive to the nature.

Unfortunately, the unconscious society starts to label us as male or female which is the first abuse done to our sexual identity. The idea of male or female comes from the mediocrity of the society because they do not encourage us to explore, seek and identify our gender instead they push their opinions of male or female forcibly making us align to their idea is the worst and first sexual abuse we go through. They are not able to be creative and seeking the higher truth, they impose such a retarded idea into our consciousness. In Vedic tradition, there are 11 genders not just the 2 genders commonly known. When we don’t have enough energy and courage to be a seeker and recognize ourselves on our own independent intelligence, we tolerate the label of male or female put by others on us. In short, the first sexual abuse done to us is always ideological, not physical.

As a living Avatar of Paramashiva (Superconsciousness), Swamiji said that the first step to experience Cosmic union is to dig out our gender identity and healing all feeling associated with abused gender identity. The seeking gets destroyed by the forced labels. First thing, we need to understand is not to accept the label put on us which makes us mediocre. As seekers, we should decide to revolt the false ideas on our sexual identity and start seeking and exploring on our own.

The first thing I did after the workshop was to help my son complete and drop all the forced beliefs put into him as a child. When he penned down all the ideas or beliefs he received from people and schools, I was shocked by the kind of ideological abuse he went through. He experienced a sense of lightness in his being and liberation after the completion.

As a parent, I always believe parents should give their children the freedom, let them recognize on their own with integrity. Let them come to the right cognition for the right reason as an independent intelligence. That is the way how they develop independent thinking and flower into a dynamic leader. Our role as parents is to protect them so that they are not sexually used by others till 21 of age. During the period of exploration, they need to be celibate as abstinence of external sexual activities will help to them to dig deep. Swamiji revealed that gender identity is like a string, if you cut that string, all patterns related to that string will be destroyed. Hence, your child will be free from all the patterns. That is the greatest help parents can offer to their child so that he or she can move on with their spiritual growth beyond sex and gender. Life flowering in the body without getting abused with the gender identity liberates the child once for all. Then the child lives like a Jeevan Muktha (liberated one) on planet earth.

The essence of the click which I want to share is – realizing our real sexual identity and liberating ourselves from the wrong sexual identities labelled by others is the way to reclaim our freedom and independence as a complete being. Namaste 😀