How do you feel when you have the ability to remove others’ pain and suffering?

For me, I really feel it is such a great blessing to be able to hold a powerful space of completion for others to complete with their past hangovers. This gift was initiated by a living incarnation, His Divine Holiness, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) into the science of completion (poornatva). The more I help others to complete with their incompletions, the more this space expands and I notice completion simply happens very quickly.

Last week, I started a healing program with a lady who was suffering from thyroid imbalance. This problem started when she was seventeen years old and since then she has been on medication for the last over 15 years. She came to attend my Vedic healing workshop last October where I healed her knee pain in just a brief healing session after the talk. She was so intrigued by the power of Vedic healing that she contacted me this year to work on her thyroid imbalance as well as help her align her knee joint.

Prior to the session, she had no idea how the process was going to be facilitated even though she knew the scope of the inner work. The completion session was about finding out her root pattern which caused a disturbance in the thyroid and parathyroid glands within the endocrine system and then bringing healing and completion to this hangover. The moment she was guided into the process of completion of the root incident which I identified as the cause of her root pattern, her tears couldn’t stop rolling – the sadness which she suppressed for over 30 years in her body started to open up like a Pandora box. What came next was an avalanche of emotional pain and hurt as she relived the entire incident in her inner space. For the first time, she truly experienced what heart-ranching meant in this completion process. Her consciousness revealed to her a four-year-old girl whose favourite doll was taken away by her older cousin, leaving her totally devastated. Her entire world collapsed because that particular doll was her world. Her mother felt that it was a trivial matter, that moment she suppressed her inner voice of expression. The day she stopped to speak up for herself, she blocked her throat chakra (energy centre). Not only she was able to connect the dots of many of her patterns started from this very root pattern, she was also able to see her cognitions and her personality got moulded to the identity she is today.

During the completion process, I was able to witness through the awakened third eye what she was going through. Then I took her to the depth of the pain and hurt by guiding her to experience fully the incident with consciousness, something which she had hidden it so deep inside her for so long, so that she could relive and relieve the incompletion with her entire being. Finally, she declared completion with this past hangover and immediately felt so much lighter. She was in awe of the entire process and she asked if I did something. I simply smiled at her and told her by my Guru’s grace, I merely held the space of completion for her to complete because I had already completed my root patterns, I was able to be a space holder to lead her to completion. The radiance on her face was indescribable after this session which brought fulfilment within me for one more soul had offloaded her past and it has no more power over her body-mind.

As you can see everything has its roots – the way you behave, the way you think, the way you react, the way you respond, the way you cognize! Whether you feel helpless or emotionally weak, tired, bored, lazy, agitated, irritated, all these put together I classify as “powerlessness” – feeling powerless. If the kids can also be helped in the young age to remove their root-pattern and not to build their root-pattern, they will do wonders in life in terms of creativity and intelligence!

Once you have experienced this space of completion, simply you will create the same space and enrich others, which will in turn enrich you exponentially. You will understand, you are one with others, others are one with you. Namaste 😀