In my past articles, I had written a few times about unclutching as a science of self-purifying technique to lead one to the ultimate experience of eternal bliss. This article goes deeper to the levels of unclutching. See, I was initiated into the Science of unclutching by a living Avatar, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) in July 2006. This process of unclutching fundamentally changed my life because many of the so-called basic problems of life can just vanish when you unclutch from your mind maze. The unclutching technique is a gift to humanity by Swamiji!

You need to know the word Unclutching does not exist in the Oxford dictionary; it is a word coined by Swamiji – his contribution to the English language. The process of unclutching can directly upgrade your consciousness, raise your inner space. The moment you start raising your inner space, you become more authentic, healthier, wealthier, intelligent, and a leader.

Another enlightened master called Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi very beautifully sings in 40 verses on Reality‘If you just sit on the Self-remembrance that you exist, all this maya (illusion) of name, form, time, space, everything, will just dissolve into yourself. That is the Advaita Anubhooti – the ultimate experience‘. According to him, there are 3 steps to experience enlightenment.  From Dvaita (feeling separated from the Divine), Vishishtaadvaita (feeling I am an extension of Divine) to the final experience of Advaita (feeling I am in oneness with Divine).  If you are struggling between the self-remembrance and self-forgetting, that zone is Dvaita. If the self-remembrance is more powerful than the self-forgetting pattern – self remembrance is 51% and self-forgetting is 49% – then it is Vishishtaadvaita. If self-remembrance has conquered self-forgetting and become 100%, that is Advaita. Unclutching leads a seeker to Advaita.

Before you learn about unclutching, it is important to understand these three words in order to catch the truth of unclutching: Clutching, disclutching, and unclutching. Clutching means holding, getting attached. Disclutching means breaking, completely getting disconnected, and unclutching means moving back to clutching only when it is needed.

See, when a thought rises in you, just relax from it without supporting it, encouraging it, entertaining it or being entertained by it. If you start relaxing from your rising thoughts, you will experience freedom from the identity you have created. Experiencing this freedom means healing thousands of wounds you carry inside, millions of possibilities of pain and suffering inside you. You are constantly creating shafts of thoughts of pain, joy, pleasure in your inner space. The center of each block is an independent thought. They are made of different combinations of pain, joy and pleasure. By putting all these blocks together, you create a shaft and get clutched. You can name that shaft as mind, ego, or identity. But unfortunately, you don’t have the awareness to look at your mind as it is. Neither clutching nor disclutching will liberate you from the mind. Buddha says beautifully that original mind is Nirvana! Mind as it happens is already unclutched. But you pick up from independent thoughts and create your own narrow view about yourself and life. You don’t look at your mind and your life as it is happening.

Swamiji revealed the 9 levels of unclutching: –

  • /Unclutch from your outer world all the problems related to name and fame, money. If you unclutch from them, you will lose the problems and suffocations and stress, sufferings created in you due to these 3 things, suddenly you have a pure inner space where you can create whatever you want in the outer world.
  • Unclutch from the outer world identities you carry – social identity, professional identity, racial identity, national identity. Sometimes you identify yourself based on your religion, your country, your race, your caste, your community, your creed. Do you know that the racial identity, national identity is responsible for millions of people dying every year in the planet Earth? The world’s worst terrorist on the planet Earth is racial and national identity! The largest number of deaths on the planet Earth is caused by racial and national identity. The moment you feel you belong to certain geography, you are ready to sacrifice your life for that geography. People die, especially youngsters, millions die in the war fields without any guilt, without any even second thought, in the name of national identity. The most uncivilized act is killing people because of racial and national identity. It so unfortunate still, human beings have not evolved from that low consciousness of killing people because of racial and national identity. Unclutch from social, professional, racial, national identities, you will see so much of peace, joy, bliss happening in you. A new intelligence called universal intelligence gets awakened in you the moment you unclutch from low level identities.
  • Unclutch from thoughts, verbalization and visualization happening inside. When you look in, the verbalization and the visualization happening in you, are all thoughts. Unclutch from both and you will see extraordinary powers start expressing in you when you start unclutching from verbalization, visualization. You will become Yogi! Even the boredom is also one more thought, one more verbalization, one more visualization. Unclutch even from that!
  • Unclutch from your emotions, pain and pleasure. Swamiji shared about his own experience after he fell from the horse riding and fractured his right hand. All he did was unclutching from that pain, he saw his body was healing at least five times faster than normal speed of healing. A body which does not give you pain, a friend who does not give you doubt, a wife who does not give you instability, are all rare blessings! Body which does not give you pain, it’s such a joy to live with that body! When you unclutch from pain and pleasure, not only you are free from it, even your health improves drastically.
  • Unclutch from inner world identities such as parental conditioning, Ahamkara and Mamakara. Ahamkara means the idea you project about yourself to others. Mamakara means the idea you believe about you as you inside you. See, always the idea you project to others about you will be more than what you are. Mamakara the idea you believe about you, in the inner self is be always lower than you. Your whole life is nothing but the fight between the Ahamkara and Mamakara means the identity you project in the outer world and the identity you believe as you in the inner world. Unclutch from inner world identity, both the identities. Unclutch from the identity you project to the outer world. Unclutch from the identity you believe as you in the inner world.
  • Unclutch from the bio-memories, the very patterns you are carrying. Pattern of depression, pattern of pain, pattern of irritation, patterns of suffering, patterns of your own ideas, if you unclutch from the patterns to the extent till you realize there is no patterns in reality. In reality you are alone, you are just existing!
  • Unclutch from body. When you unclutch from your body, thousands of disorders you create by yourself like arthritis, blood pressure, all these completely disappear.
  • Unclutch from the idea of Time. Unclutch the idea of day, night, morning, evening, midnight. Time is a greatest myth humanity is carrying in life. That is the worst conditioning we are carrying. The truth is there is no such thing as time. The sun rises and sets, moon rises and sets. Stars move, planet moves, life moves. That’s all! You raise, live, disappear. That’s all! Where is Time? Time is one of the myths like clothes. You forget human body does not come with clothes. None of us remember human body comes to planet earth naked. Just like clothes, time is the illusion which has become part of our bio-memory. Time is an illusion which has become part of our very consciousness itself! So unclutch from the idea of Time!
  • Unclutch from the very idea ‘I’. In every level of unclutching, you will experience some new free dimension of you. You will experience some extraordinary experiences or expressions. All the auspicious things of life and beyond life is achieved just by this one process – Unclutching! The 9th level is unclutching from the very idea ‘I’, the ’I’. The very idea ‘I’ is the source of everything you experience, you perceive. Unclutching from that very source, the idea of ‘I’, simply you disappear, only oneness remains.

You can start in these nine levels, any one level, you will move to the next and next level and experience all nine levels! If your consciousness rises, you automatically become a leader of your life, you become the Lord of your life, Ishvara for your life. Namaste 😀