In December 2017, I attended a 25-day spiritual retreat called Mahasadashivoham in India conducted by His Divine Holiness, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji). In this program, the hundreds of participants underwent a major detoxification process according to the Vedic scriptures called Agamas given by Sadashiva. Recently in February and March, I had again re-started Nirahara Samyama as a way to detoxify my body after a year.

Let me share some of the fundamental understandings about detoxification from Agamas that were revealed by Swamiji:-

  • Food & mood – The food you eat becomes a part of your body day by day, food becomes a part of your blood, a part of your bone and bone marrow, a part of your internal organ as well as your subtle intra-organs (organs existing between body and mind). During food consumption, not only the food you ate becomes part of body, the thought currents you cherish at that time also becomes part of your body. Basically, it means the food you consumed is processed along with the thought currents you cherish and that becomes part of your internal organ or intra-organ. You may think ‘Oh no! Those moments of foul mood are also becoming part of my internal organ’. Swamiji gave the solution from Sadashiva – every morning before you clean your system, the moment you are awake, if you make a conscious will ‘Let my body be purified, detoxified, brought to tune with my conscious will of manifesting MahaSadashivatva (state, space and powers of Mahasadashiva), anything else which I cherished automatically as a pattern, mechanically let them be out of my system’. That single conscious will works on your intestine and detoxifies you intensely.
  • Toxins are poisonous chemicals – Our system gets toxified by the chemicals which are poisonous, which makes us withdraw from life. The pesticides and fertilizers which are sprayed on the plants make our internal organ and intra-organ withdraw from life. The pesticides and chemical fertilizers are the conspiracy against underdeveloped countries, making people suffer from the side effects of the toxification including cancer, impotency and low immunity and other disorders. Sadashiva talks about Jaati dosha, it means by nature any food makes you suffer from all the withdrawal symptoms of life.
  • Manifest powers. Just by detoxification living with pure organic food, you can start to manifest the preliminary levels of third eye powers immediately even without initiation by a master. There are 2 levels of powers – powers like Akashic reading and remote vision come only by an awakened third eye. But the preliminary level powers can be expressed by pure third eye with organic food and non-fluoridated water lifestyle. For human body, 21-day period is enough to detoxify if you don’t add toxins and chemicals into your diet and lifestyle.
  • Get rid of parasites – The yogic definition of parasites means even one cell does not listen to your will is considered as parasite i.e. an anti-being. Having parasites brings problems of non-integrity such as ‘I want to be integrated, I am not able to’– Be very clear your system has toxins and parasites especially if you are non-vegetarian, you definitely need detoxification. Almost all human beings in the modern day has some form of toxification and parasites inside their system. Only if they can be helped to detoxify their body regularly, they will start to become integrated with themselves and others.
  • Nirahara Samyama. Sadashiva defines Nirahara as without taking solid food, taking only liquid juices till your outgoing becomes pure liquid. It happens within 4 days for any healthy man. Within 4 days input and output both will be liquid. He says that is the point your system is detoxified. So, at least once in 3 months, you should do 1 cycle of Nirahara samyama. All intake should be liquid, either juices or other healthy herbal juices. During this period, all the internal organs are given a rest and they start to cleanse themselves. On average for any healthy man, he needs 4 days, but if you are already toxified too much, maybe you need week till when your body comes liquid to liquid cleanliness. At least once in 3 months you should do one Nirahara so the system is kept pure, alive, awake.

In sum, detoxification is not just about removing unnecessary toxins from your system, it is also to ensure the toxins do not become an independent intelligence that prevents your whole system to flow with the reality you are designed to function. Namaste 😀

~ Excerpt from Nithya satsang by HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam dated 7th Dec 2017