Do you know that you can move or bend an object just by your consciousness?

When we don’t understand the science behind it, we think it is a miracle or magic. Actually, in Vedic tradition, the power (Shakti) of consciousness over matter is the basis of all yogic powers because it is consciousness (strategic existence) that moves matter and dynamic activity! When you manifest the power of consciousness over matter, you are not only able to move objects like coconuts and metal spoons, but you are also able to move other things in the Universe like people’s mind, mountains, even planets with a flick of your wrist!

Some of you may ask – what is the purpose of rolling a coconut or bending a metal spoon which seemingly looks too trivial? The sacred secret you need to know is whenever you are able to command matter like rolling a fruit or bending a metal spoon using the power of your Third Eye, your inner image about you raises and you have the cognition that you are able to do anything. The powerful cognition you carry about you matters because you manifest what you believe, not what you desire! The second sacred secret is manifesting this power makes you a magnet which attracts various auspicious situations, people, places, objects (like money) into your life. You realize you are causeless auspiciousness (Paramashiva) – the Source.

In Vedic tradition, a power is regarded as a science only if it is time-tested by all past masters, gurus and disciples by their personal experiences called pramanas. His Divine Holiness, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) revealed that Shaastra Pramana is the original scripture in Veda-Agamas by Paramashiva, Aapta Pramana is from the experiences of enlightened sages like Rishis, Munis, and Avatars and Atma Pramana is from Swamiji’s very direct experiences. When these 3 are combined does the initiation safely culminate in Sakshi Pramana – the individual disciple’s experience of the highest state and power manifestations of Yoga. After years of dilution and pollution of this sacred science, the most profound and context of Yoga is now being revived and transmitted as a tangible experience by Swamiji.

Let me put on record the 4 pramanas of this science:

Shaastra Pramana from Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra Sutra 120, Dhāraṇa 95 by Paramashiva

kvacid-vastuni vinyasya śanair-dſsțim nivartayet |

taj-jñānaṁ citta-sahitam devi śūnyālayo bhavet || 120 |||

Translation of the Shaastra Pramana – ‘Having fixed one’s eyes on a particular object (vastu), one should slowly withdraw the sight from that object, as well as slowly eliminate the knowledge of that object along with the thought and impressions of it. Then, O Devi, one abides in Shunya – the state where there is nothing ‘other’ than this exists – which is the state of all-inclusiveness or Infinity.’

In this Sutra, Paramashiva is revealing the sacred secret science of the power of Consciousness over Matter to Devi. Your Consciousness has power over everything as it is the Source. The pure consciousness, Paramashiva, is the Manifestor, which is you. So, with this cognition when you withdraw your sight from an object, Vastu, and also your cognition, your knowledge about that object, you become one with it.

One Aapta Pramana came from the story of Ramanuja-Muvāyirappaṭi Guruparamparāprabhāva. One day, one of the Mughal kings had come to Ramanuja’s small village and completely pillaged everything in it, including Ramanuja’s favourite deity of Lord Vishnu. Ramanuja went to the Mughal king and convinced him to give it back to him. The Mughal king agreed and took him to a vast storage area where hundreds and hundreds of deities were stored. Ramanuja just called out “Cheilai Pillai” and immediately his beloved deity of Lord Vishnu immediately came into his arms. This actually happened, it is not a myth!

The Atma Pramana of my Guru, His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) states that your consciousness has power over everything as it is the Source. Manifested can never be more powerful than the Manifestor – the Source. Matter can never be more powerful than Consciousness, the Source. Your ability to manifest makes you Ultimate, not what you manifest. Your powers cannot be more powerful than you, your powerlessness cannot be more powerful than you.

In my own experience, Sakshi Pramana, when I first started playing with this power at the basic level, I was able to roll fruits such as a coconut, avocado, an orange out of a palm. As I proceeded to a more advance level, just by my consciousness, the coconut can be raised and lowered on a hand and rolled on a flat surface. At an expert level, I had moved a spatika atma linga (fossilized ice linga) on a flat surface of a tablet. Last year, many disciples of Swamiji took up a challenge of moving a copper moorthy (energized figurine of Swamiji) by the will of consciousness. From that experience, I can say that the ability to move matter by consciousness is dependent on the space of Oneness with the Source.  That happens only with Guru’s initiation and a strong feeling connection. This week the bar has been raised to bend a metal spoon or fork using this power without the use of hands. A few of the balasanths (child-saints) from Nithyananda Gurukul (Vedic school) and disciples of Swamiji had already shown the science worked! By the way, you should know that in the ancient times, the enlightened masters or Siddhas (perfected ones) used this power to perform non-invasive surgery on internal organs like the heart and brain just by using the power of consciousness over matter. In fact, during my 3-month stay in Bengaluru Aadheenam in 2016, I had seen Swamiji trained his balasanths by cracking the coconut and sealing it back just using the Third Eye power. I felt so excited to witness the revival of these ancient yogic powers because once these kids have perfected with precision, they will be creating a breakthrough in the medical field where many non-invasive surgeries can be performed using the power of consciousness over matter.

Honestly, I don’t bother about the sceptics because I have already tasted this power with my Sakshi Pramana. So, I am just going to get to the depth of this power because play of extraordinary powers (Shaktis) and exploration of higher possibilities in life is the lifestyle of the Superhumans – a new species on planet earth! Namaste 😀