Last Friday I conducted an online enlightened parenting session for a group of parents and teachers from Hong Kong, Macau, India and USA on the topic ‘Hard work is a myth’. This truth was based on the revelation by a living incarnation, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) when he expounded on science of unclutching.

He said: “All our idea that we are doing hard work is a pure myth because of clutching. Hard work means you do a simple work if you plan psychological 10 times, worry if it will happen or not 10 times and brag about it another 10 times – that is your so-called hardword!  As of now, you waste 90% of your energy in psychology worry.   When your ego is hurt, you try to defend your philosophy. You feel you are important, that’s why you feel you are doing hard work. In the initial level, you have to convince your boss that you are doing hard work. By and by, you convince yourself that you are doing hard work. That is the ultimate myth. Keeping quiet is tamas (laziness), doing hard work is rajas (restlessness), doing smart work is sattva (pure intelligence). That is the first clarity you need to have. We do not do anything for anybody, not only for others even for us. If you have intelligence to look in and learn how to unclutch for just ten days, you will see the amount of energy and expressing through you, you will be a new being in ten days. Just unclutch from the attachment to the outcome, you will not work hard, you will work smart.” 

I’ve seen many parents apply this cunning technique quite often on their kids by telling them they did many things for their children so as to create guilt in them in a way to make them do what the parents want them to do.

One teacher from Macau shared that she was one of those who fell deeply into the myth of hard work before she came to spirituality. This was the pattern from her Chinese parents and their earlier generations. Having lived in this mental setup for years had led her to ignore her body and true feelings, and she got bad results after working so hard and accumulated a lot of incompletions with self, parents and life.

Another teacher from Hong Kong learned that hard work is not necessary, we need to do smart work. Many times, her parents told her that she needed to do lot of things in order to get results. She realized that doing lot of things, working in a hard way is a commonly accepted attitude and everybody does that in society. Even her professor told her that she needed to read a lot of journals, books or references in order to write a good thesis. She became so utterly confused as she had already read a lot of materials yet she was told to read more. The worst thing was the more journals she read, the more confused she became. Everything became a mess in her mind and she didn’t know how to continue with her thesis. With this one click, she knew she just needs to do it smart, but not do it hard instead of torturing herself with this hard work myth.

This blind spot got revealed to another teacher in Hong Kong as she had this tendency to jump to the next step, but neglected being in the present. She learned that she needs to be in the present in an unclutched space, then perform her best in the present, and things will naturally happen by itself. In an unclutched space, she allows all the possibilities to happen in her.

One tutor from Hong Kong felt strongly that this topic should be taught to all parents and existing teachers in schools!  Many of her private sessions’ students are facing the same situation that they have to do great amount of copy work every day continuously which is just making the kids dull and bored in learning.  This hard work really kills the kid’s intelligence and creativity in exploring other dimensions in life.  Parents and teachers always give a lot of meaningless workloads to kids so that they can occupy their time which is the easiest way to control kids.  They have no intelligence nor patience to handle the modern kids, so they have decided to put guilt and fear in kids as so to stop the kids from doing whatever they dislike.

One parent learned the power of unclutching, when a person experiences the space of unclutching, simply smart work will happen by itself as the higher intelligence starts working through us. We just have to trust that source within us and provide patience and encouragement to kids so that they break their lower cognition and discover themselves. The key word is to get all kids engaged in whatever they do.

In essence, the key to get out of the myth of hard work is the science of unclutching which is a gift given by Swamiji to humanity. It is the ability to liberate one self from the mind which delves in attachments, cunningness and unconscious mental patterns so that we can function from the pure space of intelligence. Namaste 😀 3633f1


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