Last week I conducted a two-day workshop in Taiwan called ‘Experience Your Divinity’, to a group of participants focusing on awakening the divine feminine consciousness of individuals. Before you can experience the divinity within, you have to heal all the wrong ideas you carry about your gender and the patterns related to this wrong cognition.

So, in the first the self-inquiry activity, the participants were requested to look in and see how they had started identifying themselves by the wrong ideas inserted by others, then they drew a picture to encapsulate the essence of their experience and shared with the group. One common thread amongst the participants was the gender confusion they went through in their lives inserted by parents and society which started a life of suffering and confused identity. It is like a legacy that has been passed down from generation after generation. When we don’t understand the truth of our gender identity, we create many patterns unconsciously. Here is the truth given by a living incarnation, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji), he revealed that the gender identity is the string of your patterns, if you cut that, all patterns will be destroyed. You will be free from all the patterns.


He said that the first sexual abuse is always ideological, not physical. That is first abuse done to you – the first danger to you. Without encouraging you to explore, seek, identify your gender, somebody pushing their idea that you are male, female and forcibly making you align to that idea is the worst and first sexual abuse you go through. He revealed that there are eleven genders, in the whole population of human beings, only seven percent are completely male and seven percent are completely female. Other than this fourteen percent, the rest of the population belongs to different genders. You should drill and come to the right conclusions after the right understanding, cognitions and reasons. It is with right cognitions with the right reasons that you manifest as powers in you.

The age range of the participants in the workshop ranged from early twenties to fifties, they had already been a victim of this ideological gender abuse. During the sharing of their artwork, they opened up to their past. When they finally realized what the unconscious society had been done to their consciousness, they were ready to take the responsibility to heal themselves. They were then led into a powerful healing process to complete with this hangover.

Imagine if more mothers, teachers and healers are aware of this sacred knowledge, we can help the future generation by healing them from the gender confusion. During the period of exploration and seeking, children should be protected such that they are not sexually used by others till twenty-one of age. Hence, in Vedic tradition, celibacy is required because abstinence from external sexual activities can help them dive deep into the depth of their being. This will be the greatest help we can offer to a child so that he or she can move on with their spiritual growth beyond sex and gender. Life flowering in the body without getting abused with the gender identity liberates the child once and for all. This one powerful cognition will create more children living like Jeevan Mukthas (liberated ones) on planet earth, they will be such a powerful force in raising the overall collective consciousness.

At the end of two-day workshop, the participants experienced a breakthrough in terms of clarity, deep healing, self-acceptance and inspirations to discover their higher possibilities. Namaste 😀

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