Yesterday I had a wonderful completion session with a group of children from the contact class of Online Nithyananda Gurukul (previously known as Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul). The powerful cognition they were introduced last week was overcoming their attention need from others. Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji), a living Avatar, revealed that unconsciously, almost everything we do is designed to get us attention. Whatever we do and whatever we think, we are seeking approval from the people around us in some subtle ways. We are keen that we should earn a good name from everyone, we may not do this in very obvious fashion, but, if you analyse deeply you will not be at ease without the appreciation and endorsement of people around you. This endorsement or approval is called attention need. At least 80% of our problem is due to asking for attention and approval. You will find that 24 hours, all your life time you are involved in getting approval from others. This attention seeking pattern blocks the Anahata chakra, the heart energy center. This energy center relates to flowing expression of selfless love. Hence whenever our heart center shrinks, we feel depressed from the lack of love and look to find love and attention from others. Their attention feeds us with energy.

The homework they were given was to write down 21 things they had done to get good names from others. One boy shared his homework about how he would make his younger sister cry by disturbing her or scaring her so that he could get attention from his mother. Before the sister was born, he was the star of the family and he had his mother all to himself. After the birth of the younger sibling, he felt that his mother was spending a lot of time with his sister. Another girl also shared how she would seek attention from her mother by throwing tantrums and doing different actions to get attention from her teacher in school.

They were taught to be aware of their motivation whenever they do things for others, it should not come from fear of not having their approval. When they are dependent on others for their happiness, they are giving others control of their lives. Instead, their motivation should come from a pure love for people, they should be their own source of energy and inspiration. The moment the kids cognized the futility and foolishness of their actions which made them move away from the space of powerfulness and completion, half of the problem was solved.

The next step was to guide them to complete with this unconscious pattern by the science of completion.  This science of Poornatva, science of Completion, is the most sacred secret, the most powerful Raja Vidya, Raja Guhya, Royal Sacred Knowledge and Royal Sacred Secret. The original scriptural reference from Shivagama – Shivajnanopanishad Or Vijnana Bhairava Tantra –Sloka number – 94th verse (22nd technique).

I took the kids through the steps of completion with their eyes closed, they declared from their space of completion and made a conscious decision to complete with their pattern of seeking for attention. They relived the things they did in the past in seeking attention and finally declared with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching themselves and others, they dropped this pattern once and for all. They requested for the blessings from Swamiji, sangha (spiritual community) and their own blessing. I could see a kind of ease-ness and joy from the eyes of these kids after the completion. They felt good about themselves.

One great thing about doing completion with children is that they are still so innocent and not stuck with too many patterns, it is very easy to bring them back to the original space of complete completion. The parents and teachers should learn this science and start the kids with the powerful cognition of overcoming their attention need and relate with others from pure love and compassion. The collective consciousness of planet earth will be raised significantly if the flowering of pure love energy happens in more children and parents. Namaste 😀