Get Ready for 2012 Conscious Explosion

In another 25 days from now, on 12 Dec 2012, it marks the opening of a shift of consciousness where the entire planet earth is going to experience a significant shift of energy. There is going to be violation of the law of physics because the center of the planet earth is losing its gravitational pull over human beings. As a result, the strength of gravity is reducing on all of us. When this happens, we have lesser thoughts and our body can act with less thinking. This will have a huge effect on human beings.

The psychological shift of less thoughts means we are losing engrams (thought-patterns we carry), this will have a direct benefit to our consciousness. When a huge pattern of thoughts is removed from us, it means that almost many janmas (life cycles) of past karmas are taken away from our system. Our nervous system will have a lighter load, a new wave of peacefulness, bliss and explosion of consciousness can be experienced and some could even levitate!

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