Authentic trust is the essence

Do you trust your mind more than Existence? Do you believe your future possibilities more than your past failures?

For some people, trust comes easily without much struggle, but for some, trust can be an enormously frightening word to them due to some past hangovers. Your ability to trust life and take a leap of faith into the Unknown is the biggest test in life. The truth is without trust, we can never surrender the cunning mind.    

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Life is a Guru

How do you respond to life whenever something traumatic happens to you?
Do you ask WHY?
Do you fall into guilt or depression?

In the first 5 months after my return from India, I have been undergoing major changes in my life which shook the very core of my being – everything which once gave me the false security were removed from my life. I plunged into a state of utter insecurity, but it only took me a few days to crawl out of this black hole of Maya (illusion).

I remembered one lesson I learned from my Guru, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji) when he had a compound fracture in his right hand after a horse-riding accident in 2011. He didn’t experience any pain because he never look back. He explained that whatever happened is a time shaft. Time shaft should not be looked back, no post-mortem. Either look at the time with complete acceptance or gratitude. He looked at Kalabhairava (Lord of Time) only with gratitude.

He said “Kalabhairava is Guru (dispeller of darkness). Life is a Guru. Don’t look at life with a ‘WHY’. A ‘WHY’ towards life always brings suffering. ‘WHY’ does not give answers. It gives only more and more suffering. So, look at life with either complete acceptance or gratitude.

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A Healing Note For Amy Cheong

In case, you are wondering – who is Amy Cheong?

She is a senior executive of National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) in Singapore who recently created a nation-wide sensation due to her online rant with a racist Facebook posting regarding Malays. She was sacked within 24 hrs after she made the post.

She wrote that Malay weddings held at the void decks of HDB flats should be banned and also went on her rant with offensive post to the Malays. Her comments went viral and drew a torrent of criticism, even threats from the public on both Facebook and Twitter especially in a multi-racial Singapore where racial tolerance is very much advocated. Within 12 hrs, she apologised on Facebook for the comments which she attributed to her being “upset with the noise” from her flats. By then damage was already done. A police report was lodged against her and she could be charged in court. She has since fled to Perth, Australia where she is a citizen.

Amy Cheong may be going through the suffering of losing her job and the public backlash from the impulsive and offensive remarks. But she still has to pick up the pieces and continue with her life. If she is intelligent, she would look in and contemplate on the important life lessons from this whole episode so that she does not make the same mistake again.

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