Evolve Your Body-Mind Through Yoga

Do you know that our original state is that of bliss (Ananda)?

In that pure original state, we are the embodiment of intelligence, love and bliss. However, many of us have forgotten this original state and we seek many other things in life such as material possessions, name and fame and power which only lead us in the wrong direction filled with intense suffering. It is our ignorance which is responsible for all of our powerlessness and sufferings. We already have enough energy and power, what we lack is knowledge (Gnana).

Time and again, the enlightened masters, sages and rishis, who happened on planet earth, constantly remind us to the truths that we need to evolve our body-mind to realise our original state of being. Patanjali, the sage who compiled the Yoga Sutras, warned us of the deeper truths about ignorance.  He said that Ignorance is the cause of unawareness of purusha (consciousness) about its real nature. Ignorance is the cause of identification of consciousness as matter, matter as consciousness and responsible for all the sufferings we have in our lives.”

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