Rewiring of Root Cognitions for Enlightenment

Are you aware of your root cognitions?

Many of us carry certain root cognitions that form the basis how we respond to life. What you strongly believe as you is the root cognition. Basically, root cognition is a mental pattern which drives your thinking even before you recognize the quality of your thinking.

For example, some people carry the root cognition that “Life is suffering” or “Life is depression”, so even before they start solving any problem in life, the root cognition already sets the base of the battle-field. Root cognition is the line where the fight between you and your life starts. With this wrong root cognition, you can never experience joy, bliss, completion because the fundamental belief is wrong which has to be completed. So understand the importance of having the right fundamental root cognition.

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Everything Starts With Listening

Do you know that listening is the fastest way of learning? Do you realise that most people around you hardly listen?  They may be pretending they are listening, but their mind is too busy trying to formulate a response to you or they are having a separate conversation with themselves. Once I was suffering with the poor listening skill. It was only after I started my spiritual work on myself that I realised everything in life starts with authentic listening.

The human race is suffering from one serious degeneration in learning ability i.e. transmission of knowledge through listening. The listening skill of the modern men has suffered so much that the younger generation is also losing the innate ability of pure listening at a quicker speed than their parents! The problem that our society is facing now is – listening has dropped so much; instead the logical thinking has taken over.

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