Break free from attention need

From my recent cases with my clients, I am beginning to realize the importance of having a clear inner image about oneself – the very idea you carry about you and being authentic about this inner image plays a major role in opening the heart center for the flow of loving energy. When you are not authentic about who you hold yourself for yourself, you will be suffering from a constant need for attention and approval from others. This pattern actually blocks the heart center (Anahata chakra) and make you insensitive and violent.

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Guru – The One Who Made Me Decide

Tomorrow is the Guru Poornima, the auspicious day which is celebrated by those who worship the Divine in the form of a Guru. This is the day when the Guru receives us into His compassion and wipes out even the most terrible karmas of life-times with His unconditional Grace. Many people cannot understand why this worship of another human form?!

You see, in the Vedic tradition, we believe that the Divine assumes the human form again and again as Guru to remind us to search for the Ultimate truth. As expressed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation in Bhagavad Gita JnanaKarmaSanyasa Yoga Chapter 4 verses 4.7-4.8, “When positive consciousness declines, when collective negativity rises, again and again, at these times, I am reborn. To nurture the pious and to annihilate the wicked, to re-establish righteousness, I am reborn, age after age.”

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Start 2013 by Loving Yourself

Just barely 2 weeks into the New Year, I am seeing a consistent mental pattern among modern city dwellers especially working women or working mothers who tend to be very hard on themselves and their bodies. May be it’s because woman is traditionally perceived as the “weaker” sex; hence she has to try so hard to prove herself in the male-dominated society. In attempting to prove her mettle for survival, woman tends to drive her body-mind to the breaking point despite a constant plea by her body intelligence to slow down. Society has taught her to be so goal-oriented and driven by the “more & more” mentality as defined by society (better lives, better grades for children, more business, more contracts, more expansions etc); she works her body like a machine. By and by, her body develops certain chronic fatigue and body aches, subsequently her mental and emotional health also take a toll with an increased stress level, a constant restlessness, irritability and mood swings. Many women drag around with a pain body and a battered consciousness in life but they are unable to get out of the vicious cycle in which they are stuck in. Her sleep pattern also gets disturbed which denies her from the natural self-renewal process she gets during deep sleep state. When sleep is deprived, her ability to concentrate begins to wane; eventually complex mental disorders such as chronic anxiety, depression or fear psychosis begin to set in including physical diseases.

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