Free Your Breathing

Currently, I am exploring a series of completion with pancha bhutas (5 elements – earth, water, fire, air & space) in human body and so many fascinating insights were revealed to me from the space of completion. I am also helping a client to re-pattern her shallow breathing; this gave me the inspiration to share the science with my readers.

One of the health problems that humanity is suffering is shallow breathing or a restrictive breathing pattern. This is due to factors like wrong body postures in a sedentary lifestyle, a restless mind, resistance to change and emotional traumas. While everyone knows the importance of having the freedom of the breath but many don’t know how to correct their distorted breathing pattern.

A few basic truths we need to understand:-

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Salute to Your Inner Sun

Do you know the significance of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)?

Today, Surya Namaskar is sometimes reduced to just a set of preparatory warm-up exercise in a yoga practice. The original understanding of this practice and benefits had been lost because many teachers are not interested in the sacred sentiments of this beautiful practice. I had the fortune of meeting a living enlightened master who revived the body language of yoga according to Patanjali, the father of Yoga. My own practice of Surya Namaskar had been completely transformed when it was practiced with bija mantra, slow breathing, chakra awareness and above all, in deep gratitude and devotion. Let me share it with my readers.

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10 Truths about Breathing

Our breathing lies a deeper connection with our existence. In my own journey of exploration, I’ve discovered 10 important truths about our breathing that most laymen are not aware of.

They are:-

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