A message from a living Avatar

Dear Ones

You are reading these words for the first time but our beings are already connected. We are already familiar with one another. You know Me, My ways, and I know yours. Your separation from Me, the Whole, was never allowed. It was your act of rebellion.

The separation started when life began on planet Earth. You took the form of the amoeba, an organism with random shape and size. Your individual consciousness began with the smallest point of existence, just on the tip of a needle. Since then, you have known the pain of being away from the Whole, absorbed by distraction after distraction. Only upon death you remember that you yourself created the pain and you yourself created the distraction.

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All Happenings are Auspicious

Life is causeless auspiciousness.  All happenings, whether good or bad as we perceive them at that moment, are auspicious expressions of Existence.  You may know that we perceive the world through our subjective lens i.e. our mind and past conditioning. Our response to the outer world is a reflection of our  inner world.  To see the auspiciousness of everything in life, we just have to step out of our logical mind and see it from Existential reality.

When I looked back into my so-called major “setbacks” or “hard knocks” in life, I realised they only made me stronger, wiser and in the end I just had a good laugh at my foolishness.  When I sat to pen down, I couldn’t have agreed more to this simple truth. For e.g.:

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